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No power? Do you also have No headlights? No horn? No radio? If so, check: 1. Clean the inside of the battery terminals 2. Check for blown fuses, fusible links, and relays

Did you charge the battery after you bought it? New batteries are not fully charged when you buy them new.

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Q: Why would a car still have no electrical power even after installing a new battery?
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Why do you still have charging problems after installing two alternators and a battery?

have you checked to make sure you have a good clean earth???

You have replaced your starter alternator battery and battery cables on your Saturn why is it still losing power?

Voltage Regulator?

Can a capacitor can still draw power from a battery when the car is off?


Can a corroded battery be cleaned and used again?

Technically yes it can if it still have power, also it depends on why type of battery.

What are the positive effects for batteries?

it powers electrical items like remotes and some electrical games even though they contain battery acid they are still useful

What is the probleme when braking or using any electrical parts the vehicle cuts out on the power battery still fine possible relay?

more likely a bad connector plug somewhere could be the ecu connector

Does the auto door lock keypad work with a dead battery?

No. It does not require very much power. If the battery is not putting out enough power to turn the starter, but is putting out some power it may still work. If the battery is totally dead it will not work.

Your battery died and you put a new battery in your car and the car still does not turn on why?

Is there power to the starter "S" terminal? What car?

What could be wrong if after installing a new battery and alternator truck still wont start or run?

It could be the starter in it. It may be weak or need replaced.

Mazda mx3 1994 4 cylinder your battery light is coming on along with engine electrical light sometimes you replaced the battery and the battery light still comes on sometimes along with the engine ele?


Their is a short in the electrical system draws battery down?

I just bought a 91 dynasty. After 4 days I just tried to start it. There is no evidence of power. I tried to jump it and their was still no sign of power. Sounds like your starter, I had the same problem with my 1990 Chrysler Imperial.

Why did car lose all power when engine was still running?

All power or most power? When an engine's alternator (which is a generator for everything electrical on a vehicle) goes bad, the vehicle tends to run until the power in the battery runs out. During this process, all the electrical components (radio, lights, etc) start dimming due to the engines electrical system giving priority to the ignition system (spark plugs, ICM or Distributor, etc). (Side Note: the battery is only used to crank the engine, not to run it.) Now if it loses all power, with the engine running, then I have no idea. There must be a major short and or quite a bit of fuses burned out.

Battery has been replaced and alternator is good why does truck still loose power?

Try the cables from your battery and alt. Sometimes these can corrode.

If the battery is going out will the alternator still power the car?

the battery job is to start the car so the alternator will kick in after the car is running

Is nuclear power still used?

In the US between 25 and 30 percent of the electrical power is supplied by Nuclear Reactors.

If terminals on a battery are off do flashers still work?

No because they need power to work.

What should I know about installing solar panels in northern climates where sunshine may be limited?

You can still use solar panels, but they won't be able to power your home for as long during certain time periods. Thus, you'll still need to be fairly reliant on the electrical grid to be able to last throughout the year.

If I unwrapped the outside plastic cover on a rechargeable battery NiMH for the Kodak cameras can I still use it?

Yes, but you should wrap the area that was previously covered by the wrapper and paper or plastic ring with electrical tape to avoid a possible short circuit. If you still have the paper or plastic ring, put it over the positive terminal and let the electrical tape cover it. Do not put tape over the terminals. Use only one layer of electrical tape so the battery will fit more easily in the battery compartment. If electrical tape makes the battery too big to fit into the compartment, you may use Scotch tape, but I would recommend electrical tape if it will fit.

Why is a car battery being drained in an 1985 Fiero. A rebuilt alternator has just been installed but the battery is still contueing to be drained?

dead cell in the battery or something is on that is pulling power from the battery.

Engine loses power gauges go up and down won't stay runningloses electrical power but radio still works change battery ran fine for a week but problem came back?

Take the car to a place where they know what they're doing. Tell them the same information, and have them check the Alternator and Voltage regulator. You may have trashed a perfectly good battery.

Can very low charge battery still power radio in a car?

Yes, a radio requires very little power to operate.

If you have a good alternator in your car why would it still lose power?

Bad battery, Parasitic drain.

What would be wrong with your truck if you replaced the battery and still get no power?

It could be anything from the engine to the connectors

Is it the car battery if the headlights still come on?

Yes, but there may not be enough power to start the engine.

Why do the lights dim and voltage drop when slowing down or braking hard in 94 sentra bad alternator?

It may be the battery, if the car is running the alternator should still be good. The battery may not be holding charge and supplying your car with reserve power. I would take you car to the autoparts store and have them test the electrical system. They will do this for free and tell you if the alternator and or battery is bad.