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It is most likely that there is still some air in the system. It is quite possible to have some debris from the worn pump in the system, the best way to eliminate the metal shavings from a worn pump is to install an inline filter commonly available aftermarket.

When installing the new pump the old fluid might not have been flushed out of the system.The debris in the remaining fluid will cause the new pump to eventually fail. Also the wrong fluid might have been installed after the pump was changed.

Is it early morning or evening when you start up?...Dew? Moisture will make it squeek. Have you had the belts checked? Worn belts can also be the cause of the squeeking. Good luck!

2015-07-17 17:48:34
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What causes a noise in the power steering pump in a 1992 Grand Marquis and the noise is still there after new one was installed?

If all the air isn't purged from the system, and if the fluid level is low, the pump will continue to make noise. Also, it may be that one of the idler bearings or accessory bearings are causing the noise, and not the steering pump.

When you turn the steering wheel it makes noise on my Saturn vue?

If it is a whining noise, the vehicle is low on steering fluid or the power steering pump may be going bad. If it is a clicking noise, the CV joints may be going bad. NOPE a Saturn vue has electric power steering and no pawer steering pumpA Saturn vue has 4 stabilizer links and they are made of plastic Moog makes metal replacements for the front but the rear still come from the dealer and are plastic they wear out and make noise when you turn replace them and the noise should go away

What causes power steering pump in KIA 2004 Sedona to make noise?

I had a similar noise and had the idler pulley replaced. Noise still there and mechanic said it was probably the bearings in the pump, probably from overtightening the belt.

What might still be wrong with the power steering on a 92 ford aerostar xlt 4l - growls constantly like an over-steering noise replaced pump pressure hose and fluid but noise seems worse than ever?

Have your steering box inspected by a mechanic.

What if you still add power steering fluid to a leaking power steering?

What will happen if u I added power steering fluid to a leaking power steering pump

Why is there a noise in 2002 Tahoe steering?

most of them are on a recall from gm,, they did mine twice, then it was still there, all they do is pop the steering wheel off and grease down the tube. my noise came back , and after having the powersteering pump take a dump, and i replaced it , wah la , the noise is now gone,,, so i believe the noise has alway's been with the faulty power steering pumps and not the column area...

How can you tell when your power steering pump is going out?

it makes noies it starts to whine alot when sitting still like it has no fluid in it and after you add fluid it still makes noise or another way is it's hard to turn the steering wheel

Where is the power steereing reservoir in a Chevy Malibu 2006 3.5 lt any one can tell me?

i replace power steering pump and it still making noise, what do i need to do next, is there adjustment?

MY 1998 ford windstar van has a gear-gear pump noise starting at slow speed what can cause the noise it does not change if you turn the steering wheel or put the car in neutral while rolling?

Most likely problem on those vans is still the power steering pump.

What is wrong with a 1994 LT1 police package Caprice 5.7 installed new power steering pump and power steering box and the lines are not clogged and have no air in them but still has steering problems?

"Problems" isn't an adequate description of what's going on. It could be anything from low tire pressure to alignment or even the steering column coupling. To the best of my knowledge, there aren't any mind readers here.

If the power steering fluid is leaking is the car still driveable even though it is hard to steer?

you can still drive the car but its not recommended, its pretty hard on the power steering pump

Daewoo Lanos whining noise in motor?

it may be your steering assist pump: check the liquid level and if it is low, add until it is close to 'MAX'.After having added the power steering liquid, turn your steering wheel all the way to the left,hold it there(you should still hear the whine), then turn it all the way to the right,hold it there and repeat until you won't hear it anymore(2 or three times). PS: the power steering reservoir is not the one near the steering pump,that is the brake liquid reservoir; power steering reservoir is closer to the front of the car and has a bigger cap that says...power steering on it

Can you drive your car with no steering wheel liquid?

Power steering fluid is needed to keep the power steering operating correctly. However in an emergency you can still steer the vehicle without power steering fluid, it is just really hard to turn the wheel without the power assist.

What will happen when your power steering hose breaks?

power steering fluid will spray out and u will not have any power steering it will steer like u don't have the car started [very hard] but u can still steer the car

Where is the Dodge Intrepid fuss box for ep27 flasher?

Turn on the signal and listen for the clicking noise. If it is still clicking occasionally then you can follow the noise and feel where it is located. If it has totally stopped then look on top of the steering column behind the steering wheel.

You heard a grinding noise when you would turn and you filled up with power steering fluid but you still hear this noise - What could this be?

I would guess that it is the wheel bearing. is it a grumbling sound or an all out grinding? If it is or was a grumbling sound and has turned into a grinding it is probably the wheel bearing.

If a car with power steering losses all the fluid can it still be driven?

the steering will become very very hard.

Can you still drive a 1999 Ford Fiesta van without a power steering pump?

Yes, but steering will be harder.

Could air in power steering line cause the steering to be hard to turn?

I think air in the line will do nothing bu make a horrible noise. If it's hard to turn your car your probably low on power steering fluid, have your fron end greased up and make sure your level with fluid. If its still hard to turn I suggest having someone take a look at the front end

Why After change power steering pump and steering wheel is still hard to turn on a Chrysler lhs 1999 v6 3.5?

only 2 reasons -- not enough power steering fluid or bad part

Does a 1987 Volkswagen Cabriolet convertible have power steering?

Yes, Most Cabriolets do have power steering, but there are a few that don't. In my opinion you dont need it anyway. It is such a light little car. I took my power steering out of my '86 Cabriolet and installed a manual rack, because it was cheaper. The P.S. pump alone runs about $200 and the rack runs about another $150. I bought a new manual rack for $105. It steers very easily even when sitting still.

Why is the steering wheel very hard to use for a three year old 2002 Hyundai Elantra?

it could be that your power steering fluid is low or that your power steering pump has gone out. I have the same problem until the fluid warmes up. I believe it's the power steering pump it's seems too small for the car. I have changed the fluid and installed new belts but it's still the same. I believe these cars are JUNK at least mine is. I have had nothing but trouble and now the wiper motor is gone

Still no power steering after changing the power steering pump and rack and pinion in 96 Pontiac grand am what next?

have you tried removing return line to bleed system ?

What if you change the power steering pump and the steering wheel is still hard to turn on a 2000 Chevy Silverado?

ball joints could be bad Did you make sure you got all the air out of the power steering system?

Creaking noise steering at low gear 2005 ford focus?

Check to make sure that the fluid is full. With a helper and the vehicle sitting still in park, move the steering wheel fully side to side while one of you listens at the wheels to find the noise.