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If the engine doesn't recover, the timing belt (if applicable) could have let go otherwise it could be a fuel delivery issue (dirty fuel filter, faulty fuel pump) or a restricted exhaust (damaged catalytic converter). If you have a check engine light illuminated, start with checking the codes.

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Q: Why would a car suddenly lose all RPMs when going down the highway?
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What difference does the ratio make in a limited slip differential?

in relationship to engine rpms a ratio of something like 3.08 would have less acceleration and lower highway rpms compared to 4.11s. the 4.11 ratio would give you better acceleration and less top speed and lower gas mileage at highway speed

What would make a 2000 expedition 5.4 lts engine rpms going up and down when you are stop and sometime the rpms goes between 500 and 1000 rpms?

mass air flow sensor

Why does your 1993 ford probe gt stall when trying to reach highway speed or if the rpms blow past 4k in any gear?

If it's a manual tranny, your clutch going bad

Why do the rpms suddenly drop to 0 when driving on the highway?

It appears that you may be suffering from the same problem i had a while back. Have you checked the wires to the alternator or even the plugs because the rev counter on a lot of cars runs of the alternator. Or it could be the alternator on the way out.

Why do automobiles engines idle 6000 rpms?

If you have an engine that idles at 6000 rpms, you need to have it checked - immediately. Around 750 rpms would be normal.

What is the normal RPM range driving at highway speeds for a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee SE?

2-3 rpms

Why would a car start up at 3000 RPMs?

maybe your rpms gauge is broken.get it looked at by a professional

What should the RPM be going 60mph be for a 2001 dodge neon?

Well it should be going about 4000 rpms

How would 355 rear gears affect performance on a 2007 Charger RT?

Much quicker off the line, but the trade off is lower top speed and higher RPMs at highway speeds.

Why would a car shake after starting and have high RPMs like 3000 RPMs and 55mph?

major vacuum leak?

92 Toyota Corolla the Idle speed suddenly jumped from 1000 to 2500 rpms when put into park you adjusted the idle screw as much as possible. got it to 1800 rpms. What else can be done?

Check the timing and check that the cable to the accelerator is adjusted correctly.

Is chev 400 v8 an interference motor?

No it is not. Before it would hurt the valve train, something would have to happen at a very high RPMs. The timing chain going out will not hurt the valves are the head.

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