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your gas tank is sitting too high and when you turn the fuel goes to one side and doesnt get to the engine happend to me

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โˆ™ 2007-12-12 18:32:56
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Q: Why would a car with half a tank of gas or less stall when turning right but not when turning left?
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Why would a car with half a tank of gas with a new fuel pump stall while turning left and not while turning right?

Engine stalling may be caused by several factors, such as incorrect idling speed and errors in the engine sensors. But for that symptom, it would not hurt to check a stuck braking system first.

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One or both of your cv boot/s is torn or has a hole in it. the cv boot keeps the drive shaft lubricated and dirt/debris out of the gears that turn your wheels. chances are that you might already need a new half shaft.

Why would a car stall or hesitate on right turns on half or less tank of fuel?

I had a 1987 dodge carvan that only stalled on rt turn only ..... it ended up being a broken motor mount , causing the a wire too loose contact stalling out the motor. just make sure that all motor mounts are good. mondo1250

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