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hello, not ease to answer to your question.1-could be the electrical cluch 2-reley 3-burn the compresor 4-freon leak 5-presure valve I believe you got the picture.I would recomend a check out from prof. A/C mecanic Check your breaker box or the outdoor disconnect. I do not believe it is any of the things mentioned by "A/C mecanic". Start with the simple things first. Make sure the condenser is operating.

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โˆ™ 2006-05-24 16:26:24
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Q: Why would a central air unit quit working abruptly if it was running fine one day and wouldn't turn on the next and the furnace blower turns on but not the AC?
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2 weeks ago I replaced my 26 year old gas furnace/central ac unit. Both were working properly up until the end.

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when running the heat-pump the air blowing from the heat ducts is not hot ( it's to cold for the heat-pump). you have a main furnace and it won't turn on ( is thermostat selected for this source), ( is the power switch for main furnace on ), ( is fuse for this furnace good). If these are good (check thermostat wiring at thermostat, and transformer).

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Yes, a faulty furnace can be very hazardous to your health. When a furnace isn't working properly it has an increased risk of carbon monoxide emissions, which can be fatal.

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Check the capacitor located inside the outside condensing unit,usually the fan,compressor are wired together,if one is running the other should be running

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When the furnace in your home goes out, there are a few things that you need to look at before you get a new furnace. Get the furnace serviced by a professional electrician who will check the heating coils as well as the filter in the furnace. Check the circuit breakers in the furnace to ensure that they are working properly. If the breaker is not making contact, this could be all that you need to replace.

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Why is your 220 volt ac freezing up?

It is probably dirty if it is a portable window air. If it is a central a/c, then there are multible answers. The "a" coil could be dirty. The air filter is dirty. You recently had your blower motor replaced and it is running backwards. Your filter got sucked into the blower wheel. Your a/c has a small leak in it and is low on freon. Someone kinked the lineset and it won't let enough freon through. The furnace fan is not working.

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No You can't cover the return air. Because the limit switch in the furnace will trip. If the furnace was working ok before I will check for air leaks in the return air. Good luck

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To maintain your furnace you should change your filters every 3 to 6 months. Before cold weather arrives you should have your furnace professionally cleaned and inspected to ensure that it is in proper working order and reduce the chance of failure or injury. Keep the area around your furnace clean and clear of clutter. This helps the unit to function properly and reduces the fire risk.

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If it's blowing intake-temperature air, either you've got the fan alone switched on or the heating part isn't working for some reason. If it's a gas furnace, the pilot light may have gone out, or the gas may be shut off somewhere (at the furnace itself, at the emergency shutoff for the house, or possibly at the main inlet). If it's blowing actually COLD air (colder than intake), then you've probably got central air and you've somehow managed to turn on the air conditioner.

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