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Without employees there wouldn't be a company.

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Q: Why would a company hire an employee?
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What is contract to hire?

Contract to hire is a situation in which an employee is hired as a contract employee for a set amount of time. At the end of that time, depending on performance, the employee would be hired as a company employee.

Why would a company insult an employee they decided to hire?

Surely unintentional. A misunderstanding, no doubt.

How do you answer 'Why should we hired you?

A potential employee should always answer questions such as, why should we hire you, truthfully. Tell the employer why you would like to work for the company and what skills you can bring to the company.

What is us tax terms c2c 1099 w2?

C2C is basically the sub-contractor format of hire where a comp routes the hire thru' a consulting company and a retainer or a certain amount of money, often called the "contracted amt" , is given by the company to the consulting company. The consulting company would be paying its employee who works for the company, an amount after deducting taxes,its rate of profit for the contract and any other legal charges. Essentially, the employee is an employee of the consulting comp and he or she will get a W2 from the consulting company. A 1099 is also a an IT form like the W2 that is used by direct contractors - ie not by those who are going thru' consulting companies. The 1099 is given to the direct contractor by the company that uses his or her services. A W2 hire by a company is a direct permanent hire and W2 refers to the IT form that is filled out by the company and handed over to the employee when its time to file the taxes for the year.

Why the orders keep stopping?

Most companies that do business with each other on a regular basis, have contracts with each other stating that they will not hire each other's employees. It becomes very inconvenient if employees can be hired willy nilly from those you do business with or vice versa. (This type of contract is usually between similar types of businesses). Usually there is a time limit for when they can't hire an employee e.g. if a company meets an employee from the other company, and then has no further dealings with this employee for an entire year, usually the employee may be hired by the other company. Some companies will hire an employee of the other company if the employee approaches them. This procedure is frowned upon, but usually condoned. It's never legal for company A to tell company B "you can't hire any of our people." Usually not effective, either.

How can company black ball employee from getting another job because Workmens comp was denied?

when you apply for jobs the company advised the other company verbally that your a bad employee and make recommendations not to hire you .

What is Contract-to-Hire?

This is pretty simple concept. it means a person would be hired as a contract employee for specific period of time if they find that you are worth to be observed inside the company then they will take you for a permanent role.

Is it illegal to ask an older employee to consider retirement?

No, older employees are encouraged to retire often, usually because it would be cheaper for a company to hire a less experienced employee. The retiring employee is usually given an "early retirement package" with many benefits.

What is a w-2?

For example- suppose a company xyz hires employee y to fulfill his company's requirement or hire him to fulfill any other company's requirement Then employee will get his pay directly from the company. In other words, employee is hired directly on the pay role of a company.

Work for Hire Agreement?

Get StartedThe Work for Hire Agreement is a document under which a "Service Provider" contracts to provide services for a "Company." Under this agreement, the Service Provider is an independent contractor with respect to the Company, and not an employee of the Company. This Agreement should not be used if the Service Provider is really an employee of the Company. In many respects, the Work for Hire Agreement is simply a short-form version of a Consulting Agreement.The Work for Hire Agreement should be signed by both parties and becomes effective as of the date inserted at the beginning of the Agreement.

Would i be insured if iam 20yrs old driving a hire car are you insured by the hire company to drive a vehicle?

The hire company will insist on some form of insurance.

On howrsecom how do you get temporary employees?

To hire a temporary employee, go to "Hire Employee" under the worker you want to hire (ex: groom). There is a button under the top paragraph of information that says, "Hire a temporary employee." Simply click that button, and viola!To remove a temporary employee, click the "Make redundant" link next to "Temporary Employee" under the type of employee you hired but no longer want.

Can an employer pay a new hire more than a current employee?

Take this further. Can an employee hire a new person with the same or less qualifications for a position and pay them more than someone currently in the position with longer time of service with the company?

How can you become an employee?

Someone has to hire you.

If an employee leaves a company to work for a competitor what types of knowledge would be ethical for the employee to share with a new employee?

experience he gain form other company not a secret information.

Does target hire 14 or 15 year olds?

probably but you likely need qualifications and they would pick an older employee over a younger employee

Why job interviews are important for a job?

They are impotant for the employer or the company to be able to know if the employee or the applicant is suitable for the part or the job. It is a means of evaluating the new employee and testing the waters if he or she is the right hire.

When a company has a parent company does the employee work for the parent company?

The employee works for the daughter company.

If you resign from a job can the employer give a negative report to your future place of hire?

Absolutely not. The only information an employee can give is whether or not you could be rehired within that company , your job description, and how long you were an employee within that company anything else is confidential and illegal.

How would you answer the question what will be your contribution to our company?

I can contribute a good service with this company by being a good employee.

Can a company insure a person to drive company vehicles if the employee only has work privileges after a DUI?


What you would offer to the company if we hire you?

Skill, talent, dedication and devotion.

How long would you stay with this company if we were to hire you?

3 to 5 years

What is a good company to hire to do ADP payroll services?

A good company that would hire ADP payroll services would be to look for temp to hire companies. Many times temp to hire companies really help people make sure that if your skill level is good they can give you a good job.

What are your key competencies that would convince the company to hire you?

Key competencies that would convince the company to hire you will be job specific. Know the details and skills the job requires before you apply, then sell these at your interview.