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Why would a credit card company refuse new charges?

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Usually, if a credit card is good, meaning funds are available and this applies to prepaid cards as well as the usual ones, the bank will stop processing charges for a few reasons. 1. Unusual activity - out of state and never been used out of state before. 2. Over charging - Spending limits exceed the normal history for the card user. 3. And this is a new one. Prepaid cards only. Funds were not applied at the time of transaction and are pending. Call the 800 # on the back of the card and get hold of Customer Service. But you better be the card holder and have all the answer to their 100 questions to prove it's you.

2006-09-06 12:19:52
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Can a credit card company bill a consumer for unauthorized charges if the credit card was improperly issued by the credit card company and the card was not activated and was stolen from the home?

Notify them that the credit card was stolen to the credit card company and dispute all the charges on the credit card. You would also have to file a police report if the credit card was stolen. The credit card company must investigate the charges.

Can you sue a credit card company for false charges?

A credit card company can be sued if the company puts the charge on your bill. It is a civil matter and would be taken to small claims court.

Where can one find a credit card that charges no interest?

Depending on the country that one resides in it would be difficult to find a no interest credit card. The company Virgin provides no interest credit cards.

Pioneer Water Company charges 1.25 per 1000 gallons of water used a 3.75 sewage charge and a refuse charge of 10.50 How much would Isabel need to pay the company if she used 5000 gallons of wa?


If your father wants to sign over a credit card to you is this possible?

Not without the consent of the credit card company. Your father may be able to add you as an authorized user, but he would be responsible for any charges if you couldn't make the payments.

How much would it raise your credit scores if you were added as an authorized user on a credit card?

If you are an authorized user of another persons credit it has no effect on your credit at all. It will not raise nor lower your score. The credit card company simple issues you a card with your name on it and then holds the person who holds the credit with them responsible for any charges you make.

Pioneer Water Company charges 1.25 per 1000 gallons of water used a 3.75 sewage charge and a refuse charge of 10.50 How much would Ida need to pay the company if she used 5000 gallons of water?

6250 dollars

Would an insurance company refuse claim if driver was drunk?

Almost certainly.

Pioneer water company charges 1.25 per 1000 gallons of water used a 3.75 sewage charge and a refuse charge of 10.50 how much would isabel need to pay the company if she used 5000 gallons of water?

$20.50 Asha P. a+ P.F.

Why would a company not want to accept credit cards?

Credit card companies charge companies a sale percentage of the purchase price on every credit card purchase. Often smaller companies will not accept credit cards to avoid these charges, whereas bigger companies will pay them to open up to more potential business.

Can your company force you to use a corporate credit card that effects your credit?

If it is a corporate card I would imagine it is in the name of the company and not your name. If that is the case it shouldn't impact your credit.

Can a company file Criminal charges for use of company credit card for personal use?

The company absolutely can file charges. The crime would be considered theft. Depending on the amount of money, the charges could be upgraded to grand theft. You got that! The DA can be the one that deceides it needs to be filed and pushed. So even if the company wants to back down, it is out of their hands after a certain point. If it is big enough or just no remorse, or responsibility has been shown, the DA may want it bad!

I have not made a car payment in over a year and now you got a letter from a collection agency is it too late to voluntarly turn the car to the credit company?

No. You would at least avoid the charges for a forced repossession.

If you have 6 credit card fraud charges but the total charged was under 300 dollars is it still a felony or a misdemeanor?

Credit card fraud implies that it was your credit card company that was defrauded, which would mean that all six offenses were committed against them. In that case it depends on what the dollar amount of a felony offense is in your state.

If an authorized user on a credit card transfered balances to that card and the primary user of the card files for chapter 7 will the authorized user still have to pay or will the debt be fully wiped?

I'm trying to follow what your really saying: Presumably there is a "primary" ...that would be the one who applied for the credit and signed the agreements to pay the charges. That person requested a card for another person to use, under the primaries credit agreement, and agreed to be responsible for the charges that person made...the credit card company went along with this request...but it was NOT extending any credit, or even had any type of agreement with this other authorized signer. All charges by that person are the responsibility of the primary...the debt from using the card is not to the second (authorized) person...and any debt (if there is one you can prove), would be by the authorized user to the primary...if they had an agreement that the authorized would pay for any use. The primary would be a creditor of the authorized in that bankruptcy. The credit card company isn't a part of it...the debt remains with the primary...regardless of any payment or not he gets from the authorized party or their bankrutcy. And alternatively, if the authorized person made charges and the primary goes BK, that charges are part of the primaries BK, (and may be discharged). Again, if there is an agreement that the authorized would pay those charges, that "receivable" or asset to the Primary must be reported as such in his BK filing.

How would you get a credit card if you had never had one before?

Apply through a credit card company or a bank.

What are some restrictions for bankrupt people if they seek to get credit?

There are many restrictions that bankrupt people face when seeking to get credit, the most common one is that they would find that most banks would refuse them credit even if their current economy, is stable and healthy.

Can a credit card company reopen a charged off account?

No, a credit card company will not reopen a charged off account. They may choose to grant you a new line of credit, but this would be rare.

Who acquired the Egg credit cards company?

It was proposed in March of 2011 that Barclays would buy Egg Credit Card Company from US Bank Citigroup. Citigroup had bought the Egg Credit Cards Company in January 2007 from Prudential.

If you did not pay your credit card what happens?

the credit card company sends people to get their money i would want to pay them.

Is it law that you should receive a receipt when you buy something?

No, but you would be hard-pressed to find a company that would refuse to produce a receipt of some form, and that would probably be a company you would want to stay away from.

Is it legal for merchants to charge there employees credit card processing fees?

No, it would be a violation of the merchant's agreement with the credit card company, and they would lose their right to accept that credit card.

If you paid for a Runescape membership on your mobile phone would it be part of the plan or cost you money?

it charges your phone company then your phone company turns around and charges you on your bill so your paying for it in the long run

How do you get a credit card 'Closed' on your Credit Report for a company which is out of business to reduce your available outstanding credit?

I would dispute it with the credit card companies and once they will have to take care of it or will either not be able to contact the company and therefore have to take it off.

Letter to Request a Credit Reference?

Get StartedThis letter can be used to request that a positive credit reference be sent to a business. For example, Mary would like to purchase a product from ABC Company. ABC Company asks Mary for information about her credit history. In the meantime, Mary has established good credit with XYZ Company. Mary can use this letter to request that XYZ Company provide positive credit information to ABC Company.