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Why would a cylinder on a 2.2 automatic engine not work?

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βˆ™ 2007-08-22 06:44:44

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There are a few reason one is that there is a ring warp or damage due to age or hard driving. Carburator or Fuel Injectors are not working or clogged, or a simple reason a spark plug or wire could be warp or ware and damage.

2007-08-22 06:44:44
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Q: Why would a cylinder on a 2.2 automatic engine not work?
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You can replace a four-cylinder Toyota Camry engine with a six-cylinder engine. You will need to purchase a motor mount adapter kit. There will be an extensive amount of work.

Would an engine from a manual shift 1991 dodge shadow work in a 1991 automatic shift dodge shadow?

Yes it will... you need to switch the flywheels though to mount it to the automatic transmission...

Is compression thrust force greater than power thrust force in diesel engine cylinder?

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Will a 3.4 L engine from a 96 Toyota T100 fit in a 1990 4runner?

If you have the 3.0L engine with a manual transmission it is a direct bolt up i dont know about the automatic but i am sure it is the same if you are switching from a four cylinder to the 3.4L then it requires a lot more work but it can be done a well

Do you think it would be a good idea to tune up an automatic car with a body kit coil overs engine work and ect.?

Whatever works for you is what counts.

Do brakes work when an engine stalls?

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A tachometer works by measuring how many time a spark plug fires. If the tachometer is designed to determine the rpm of an 8 cylinder engine it will not show the correct speed of a 2 cylinder engine. If I remember correctly if the tachometer designed for an 8 cylinder is used on a 4 cylinder engine it will show twice the number of actual rpm. So an 8 cylinder tachometer used on a 2 cylinder engine will show 4 times the actual rpm of the 2 cylinder engine. If you check around there are special tachometers designed for 2 cylinder engines.

Does a turbo work on a automatic transmission?

The type of induction an engine uses is not directly relevant to its transmission type. In other words the engine can be naturally aspirated, turbo or supercharged and use an automatic, manual, cvt etc.

Can the qg 16 and the qg 18 use the same automatic transmission?

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Will a 1991 4X4 6 cylinder 4.0 engine Ford Explorer transmission work in a 1994 4X4 6 cylinder Ford Explorer. I dont know the engine size.?

The 1991 and 1994 Ford Explorers only factory available engine was the 4.0 L OHV Checking www. motorcraft. com ( no spaces ) Both the 1991 and 1994 Ford Explorers , with 4X4 , list the same part number for an A4LD automatic transmission

Can a 4 cylinder engine push 22 inch rims?

A lot of weight to sling. i wouldn't chance it considering the cost. Perhaps aluminum would work if you are careful.

Will an O2 sensor off a 6-cylinder Ford fit and work on a 5.4-liter Ford engine?

No they are engine specific

What is engine force?

pressure in cylinder over piston area = force force over stroke = work

Will the wire harness on a standard transmission work with an automatic transmission in a 91 Mercury Capri?

yes it will i just had an automatic engine installed in my manuel car. and used the old harness

Type of fram oil filter for 1999 mercury mystique?

Hi, I work for Fram. Your Mystique oil filter is a TG8316 if it is a four cylinder engine, it will be a XG2 if it is a six cylinder engine. If you have further questions, i can be reached at

Will a 1986 s10 2.8v6 transmission work for a 1971 chevy pick up conversion from stick to automatic?

The 86 2.8L automatic transmission will not bolt up to a 71 Chevy engine.

Would a 4g63T engine replace a 420A and work with the current transmission in a 96 Eclipse RS?

No, The 4G63 engine is turned around a 180 degrees compared to the 420A. It would take heavy modifications for it to work. The best thing to do is to rebuild your old motor and put a turbo on that! Just remember to get low compression ratio cylinder heads.

What would happen to an engine if you did not put any oil in it The car would not work?

If the engine was void of any oil it would seize in the matter of minutes and yes the car would not work.

What does it mean when a car runs on three cyilinders?

It can mean one of two things; it is either has a three-cylinder engine, or perhaps a four cylinder engine where one isn't working. A "cylinder" is the part of an internal combustion engine (gas engine) where the power is generated. If you are asking WHY one of the cylinders wouldn't work, several causes are; fouled spark plug, clogged or dead fuel injector, bad or loose spark plug wire, bad ignition coil for that cylinder.

Will a 4 cylinder engine run on 3 cylinders even if there is a hole in the engine block where the 4th cylinder should work?

Sure, if you have a death wish for yourself and everyone who's around you while on the road! It can blow up the gasket on the engine and kill someone. Not recommended to drive like that

Will a 98 automatic transmission work in a 99 Isuzu rodeo?

A 1998 automatic transmission may not work very well on a 1999 Isuzu Rodeo. This is mainly due to the incompatibility of the two engine systems and some modifications may need to be made.Ê

Would a 1993 Honda civic automatic engine work in any year Honda CRX?

yes easy job. civic and crx are the same once you dont go over 95 civics

Can you put a 4.3l out of a 1996 in to a 1988 that has a 4.3l?

Direct swop with NO modiflying NO. The 88 engine is a TBI / throttle body fuel injection engine and the fuel pump and wiring harness plus the computer will not operate the 96 engine. Compleat DIFFERENT design. Now if you have the smarts you can make it all work. There would be alot you would have to change including the transmission if it is a automatic.