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Why would a dog be losing weight even though he is eating enough?


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You should take your dog to the vet to find out for sure BUT some possibilities are

*BAD CASE OF PARASITES including hook worm whip worm round worm or tape worm, also other parasites like giardia lamblia, treatment for such is fairly easy and inexpensive

*Renal Failure

*Chronic Diarrhea - cause of which could be hundreds of different possibilities

*Different types of cancers - and remember just because you don't see a tumor doesn't mean it's not there on the inside somewhere.

An unbalanced diet - eg studies by the cvma and avma have shown that most raw and homemade holistic diets are unbalanced and don't provide the proper amount of all nutrients.

Cushings or Addison`s disease

This sounds very much like EPI (Endocrine Pancreas Insufficiency) where the pancreas is not producing digestive enzymes and the food the dog eats is not being digested and used by the is, instead being pooped out and will appear almost like cow patties...very light in color and very mucous-filled. Because the food is not being digested, the dog keeps trying to eat anything in sight, including its own poop. Take the dog to the vet. Mention this disease and ask the vet to do a TLI test on the pup. Since this disease is usually found in German Shepherds, your vet., like mine, may not connect the possibility in your dog. If you do not do something about this, the dog will literally starve to death. If your dog's test does indicate "EPI", that is good in that it can absolutely be will need to apply digestive enzymes (usually manufactured from pig pancreas)to his food. From then, you can monitor your dog's success from the quality of its stool. I've learned that "it's all about the poops!" There is another disease that goes hand in hand with EPI and it is called "SIBO", or Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth...some dogs are lucky not to get this, but if your vet sees that your dog has this, it will need B-12 shots and/or antibiotics, one named Tylan is a common one used to treat SIBO. The good news is that once you begin enzymes and the pup is treated with B-12 and if needed, Tylan, you can track his progress by looking at the quality of his poop. You are looking for dark, firmly-formed poops. If you start seeing any looseness or light coloring with mucous again, then you may not be giving enough enzyme (usually 1 teasp./1 cup of food). ALSO, very important...your dog needs to be transitioned to a dog food that is GRAIN-FREE. Also, if your vet thinks that your dog got his EPI from pancreatitis, it will be important to feed low fat as well. There is an excellent website that has helped me a great deal, called I very much recommend you check it out, because it has sooo much wonderful information on there, the people are very warm and welcoming, and it will give you and your pup a sense of calmness, and will help you while your vet gets the tests done...I'm quite sure this is what is wrong with your beloved buddy.

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