Why would a dog throw up about 3 hours after dinner meal only?

Hi there It's important that you get a natural dry food for your dog from your local pet store. It's more expensive, but has a pure source of all the nutrients they need and this goes for wet food as well. It's also important not to keep changing your dog's diet. If you spoil your dog and give them a little meat off your plate then be sure it's just a little and never give them anything else but beef, chicken, or some veggies such as peas or carrots. It's not a good idea to feed any sized dog one big meal or leave it around for them to gorge on when you are away (that is for cats only as cats graze and never eat their food usually in one helping.) Divide the food up and feed in the morning (making sure they have lots of water handy) and then again just before you eat your own dinner. If you feed your dog only one meal a day this can cause acidic gases in the stomach. If it continues please see your vet to be sure your dog does not have an obstruction in the gut area. Good luck Marcy