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I am going to be honest. When you are alone, you are more of a close friend, and she isn't pressured to show off in front of her friends. Maybe she is embarressed to talk to you at school and she doesn't want her friends to think she is "un-cool". Maybe you are popular and she wants to show off that she can make fun of you and you won't make fun of her back. Trick is to ask her when you to are alone why she acts this way at school. Tell her how it makes you feel, and decide then whether you want to continue this friendship.

2006-09-06 18:31:43
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What does a teenage boy do when his school friends don't want to be with him anymore?

well i would just get new friends. if they decide to not be around you anymore then get new friends. everyone loses someone in high school so you just have to deal with it and get new friends because if you lose a friend then they weren't really a friend at all

Will your guy friend still be a good friend in middle school?

It is highly possible that you and your friend will remain good friends in middle school. However, both of you will make other friends there as well which is a good thing.

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Did Adolf Hitler have many friends in school?

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All of my friends have best friends except me. There is this one person that is my closest friend but her best friend just moved to our school. Should I try to be friends with them or what?

Your closest friend should include you as her closest friend and still give you the attention she has always given you. Communicate your feelings and fears with your close friend and feel you may be deserted since her best friend is now at the same school and I am sure she will put your mind at rest.

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