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Why would a gear shift lever on an automatic 2003 Kia Rio be hard to move?


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2009-12-05 17:49:05

From previous experience, it is because your transmission is about to die. I'm now on the 3rd transmission and I only have 100 000km on the 2003 Kia Rio. Good luck!

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Is this a standard transmission, or an automatic? automatic

Just below the shift cable and shift lever on top of the trans.drivers side, rear.

it is not the fuse it is a broken wire. Replace the shift lever.

On automatic transmission models, there should be a button built into the very end of the shift lever - press it and it cycles between O/D on and O/D off. There should be an indicator light on the dash that will tell you which mode it is in.

You didn't specify which model. In a Grand Cherokee it's under the center console behind the shift lever(s).

If the transmission computer detects a malfunction it defaults to second gear. It will have codes stored. Other causes include low fluid,and internal failure.

The instructions on how to bypass the lockout is contained in your owner's manual. If my memory serves me, there is a little removable plastic plug near the shift lever. remove this and you should see some kind of socket or switch that can be depressed, or moved, that will allow the shift lever to be moved.

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It is located on top of the steering column. Right above the shifter. There is also a lever underneath th steering column cover. Remove the cover and push the lever down, it releases the shifter.

There is a horizontal lever on the left side of the shift lever. It is identified as the 4WD or transfer case shift lever. While parked or moving at a slow speed you can pull up on this lever one notch. This puts the vehicle in part-time four wheel drive. (this should become indicated by an instrument panel lamp). This is most common for slippery driving conditions. There are other distinct settings that are activated by additionally pulling up on lever additionally. Low 4WD setting requires some lateral movement of the lever as well as upward motion.

Make sure your brake lites work.If they dont replace brake lite switch

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Vin location on mine is on the frame rail behind the shift lever..i used a straight grinder with a wire wheel to find it

I have a 2001 passat, in that vehicle you pull the silver button out an hold it, then you can pull the shift knob off, it takes a bit of force but it will come off. Its probably the same for a 2003

Why would want to do that ? Manual transmission own.

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Remove the cover to the shifter column. The indicator light will need to be detached from the wiring harness. Reverse the process to install the new light.

Inside the trans, on the side of the valve bodyInside the trans, on the side of the valve body

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