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You should see your OBGYN to make sure that everything is okay with you and that you don't have any nerve damage. Good luck and God Bless:)

2006-09-01 19:28:48
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Q: Why would a girl be numb in her vagina if she hasn't used spermicide but she can't feel anything when she has sex?
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Can Olive Oil be used as a spermicide?

It would not be an effective spermicide. However, it would probably be an interesting lubricant.

How do you treat spermicide irritation?

Treatment for spermicide irritation would be to use an antihistaminic medication. Spermicide irritation could be caused because of an allergic reaction.

What are the chances of being pregnantif the condom broke but it was lubricated with spermicide?

Pretty slim. Spermicide would take care of it.

Can drinking salt with water kill the sperm?

To kill the sperm, you would need to purchase spermicide and put it into the vagina before having intercourse. Drinking salt water will not have any effect whatsoever.

What if your boyfriend put it in for a minute without a condom and then put a spermicidal condom on would it kill anything that could have gotten inside you?

No, the majority of the sperm would have already moved past the cervix, out of reach of the spermicide.

Why has female boxer have a swollen vagina and you would think there a lump is there anything for me to worry about?

No, she is probably in heat .

Would it be feasible to drop spermicide inside a condom prior to intercourse?

The spermicide acts as a barrier between the sperm and the uterus, killing the sperm before it reaches the uterus, where the egg is fertilized, resulting in pregnancy. So if the female uses a spermicide in addition to the male using a condom, that will be double protection against pregnancy, especially since condoms have been known to break. This would be advisable over putting the spermicide inside the condom.

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Can spermicide defect a pregnancy test?

it's doubtful but I would retest with a clean test.

Can you become pregnant if the sperm was ejaculated 10cm away from vagina at leg?

The question is did any semen enter your Vagina. Semen contains Sperm & it is the sperm that fertilizes the egg. sperm outside the vagina by even 1 cm wouldn't stand a chance of causing pregnancy, However; if anything touched the semen and then went inside your vagina it would be possible to conceive. So think about fingers, toys or anything that might have come in even casual contact with the semen then entered the vagina. It the answer is that the male ejaculated outside the Vagina and then nothing entered the vagina, no conception happened.

Does aluminum cristal reduce vagina size?

I was told that putting anything on the vagina would not change the size but learning to control your muscles would help you some and if it is not used for some time that it does shrink a tiny bit sometimes good luck.

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Spermicidal condom broke and it was your ovulation time could you be pregnant or would the spermicide kill the sperm?

Spermicide is ineffective when used alone, so yes, you could be pregnant. If the male finished ejaculating completley, or hadn't ejaculated at all, the chances are much lower that you are pregnant, because the spermicide would have killed the sperm, but sometimes males emit a substance containing sperm both before or after ejaculaion, which means you could be at risk for pregnancy. Anyways, in most cases, the spermicide probebley would not kill all the sperm if the condom broke, so it would be a good idea to get a pregnancy test or consultation with your gynacologist.

Can you do harm to your reproductive system or body in general from using too many spermicide condoms?

Experts used to think that using spermicide with a condom would decrease the pregnancy rate as well as help fight against STIs. However, more recent information indicates that this is not necessarily true and spermicide does not help make condoms more effective.

Can you color your hair on the first day of your period?

yes. no it would upset your vagina no it would upset your vagina

Can condoms be used underwater?

Yes.... you would probably not want to put it on IN the water. A good condom would have a spermicide, and you wouldn't want to flush that out.

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If he didn't eject in me but is Rinse out your vagina a good way to prevent pregnancy?

The ONLY real good way to prevent pregnancy is not to have sex. With protected sex (condoms, IUD, etc.) accidents CAN and DO happen. There is spermicide which would be a better choice than the "rinse out) method. But again, if you're determined not to get pregnant, do not have sex.

Dark brown discharge from girls vagina?

that's some funky stuff man, keep your junk away from that.... ^ its not anything a parnter would have to worry about.

What is the medical term meaning inflammation of the vagina?

Inflammation of the vagina would be known as vaginitis.A common inflammation of the vagina is Vaginitis

Would it be ok to take spermicides along with Depo-Provera?

Yes, you can use spermicide with Depo Provera. They do not interact.

What do you do during your period?

There is nothing you cannot do during your period - so you would do anything that you would do normally, only you would use a menstrual pad, menstrual tampon, or menstrual cup to handle the flow of blood from your vagina.

Is cramping in lower vagina a sign of implantation?

No, cramping in the lower vagina is not a sign of implantation. The lower vagina would be the vaginal canal.