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Why would a guinea pig die over night?


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Like most rodents guinea pigs can be scared easily and have excitable hearts, my first thought would be heart attack. There's also the possiblity he/she was sick and it went unnoticed as they have no way to tell you how they feel. My Guinea pig died extremely quickly from what looked like Diahorea, i would check to see if the Guinea had, had diahorea. It also could have died from Draughts or a heart attack My guinea pig died from pneumonia. The only way I knew he was sick, was he didn't drink or eat as much as he normally did. He sneezed once, and was unusually calm for a day or two. By the time he showed sick symptoms and I took him to the vet, it was too late. The vet said they don't like to worry you with their problems, so they like to pretend they're not sick until they can't fake it anymore. Heart attack seems very logical, too.

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Guinea Pigs are prey animals and as such don't show when they are sick. It is a defense mechanism, because of this, most piggy owners don't know their pig is sick until it is an emergency situation. You should always do routine check-ups on your piggy. Some things to check are, Lumps, Dried mucus around the nose or a runny nose, and for parasites. If your piggy is suddenly less active, or isn't eating/drinking properly you should take her to the vet asap!


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YES, during cold months a guinea pig can freeze to death at night.

yes, they can freeze to death in the middle of the night

On personal experience I would say no, but put the hutch in a sheltered area of the garden and perhaps get something to pull over them at night, for example linoleum. Also, put lots of hay in at night as this acts as an insulator

Sometimes they whine and fall over and die.

the same way you would die quiet and peacefully

There would be bad things that happened to insects if all of the guinea fowl died. These insects that fed on the guinea fowl would also die.

A guinea pig lives for about 5-7 years on average. but any guinea pig over 4 yrs is consitered old.

Guinea pig, hamsters will get scared and will die of shock.

Well, my guinea pig died recently and her eyes were open so I'm saying yes. So don't be surprised if your guinea pig dies with her eyes open. It's very common. And when she does die take all the time you need to get over it. It took me a week to get over my pet guinea pig.

no it will not die i have a male guinea pig he did not die from mating

definatly not that would scare them and they can die from fright

pigs from guinea what do die in from age old ?

Um, they die when they are sick or old. Guinea pigs die because of many causes.

A guinea pig may die, even if it is only one year old. This can happen due to malnutrition or a health condition.

no, guinea pigs do not die easily from wetness.

The guinea pig would become more and more ill until the guinea pig might be prone to other problems and maybe even die.

no it contains honey and guinea pigs only eat fruits and vegis if they ate a cherrio he/she would be sure to die.

A guinea pigs teeth would keep growing longer if he didn't wear them down chewing and he would finally die. Other rodents do the same thing.

It could be many things old age, sickness, eating something it should have not, on

Yes, guinea pigs can die from fright. They can get heart attacks and die. It is best to keep your guinea pig cage in a place where there is not to many loud noises.

Yes. If you are ready to have babies. they should be separated. And there is a likely chance that the mother will die because it depends on the age. They shouldn't be having babies if they are over 8 months old. I would keep mine separate. I lost my Mother guinea pig): I would reccomend you have two females in one cage or 2 males. Same gender. And it is true they live happier with mates(friends) they can also be put in cages with bunnies. I would go same gender if I was you(:. Have a wonderful time with your guinea pigs(:

mabe it had a diesease of something like heart failure

Yes Guinea Pigs will die of Vitamin defiecy. Guinea Pigs are prone to Vitamin C defiecy-memyselfandi12312

Guinea Pigs do not hibernate, but, Guinea Pigs cannot be kept in the cold or they die.

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