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This is normal on guitar amplifiers because of the very small signal from the guitar pickup one will need a high gain pre amplifier to boost the signal to drive te main amplifier, if you touch the tip of the phone plug you are actually feeding a 50Hz or 60Hz signal that is picket up by your body that act as an antenne for the magnetic fields from the 50 or 60Hz mains, that is then amplified by the preamp to a large enough signal to drive the main amp. Also: In terms of electromagnetic fields, the human body is oddly noisy. The hum you get from most single coils is actually from the player, this is why touching the strings (they are metal and connected to the bridge piece which is grounded) can make the hum go away. This is part of it.

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How does a guitar make noise in concerts when its not even plugged in to an amplifier?

when the guitar players play any kind of guitar as you can see there close to a micro phone which projects soundBaYmArFor electric guitars:They make wireless transmitters that plug into the guitar and it sends the signal to a reviver that is plugged into the amplifier.

Where can one buy a cellular phone amplifier?

Online you can buy a cellular phone amplifier at Amazon. Offline or online try Best Buy or another electronics retailer. Also try a mobile phone store for a specific carrier.

What does Yamaha amplifier do in a cell phone?

As much I know, the quality of sound or let say music depends not only on the quality of speaker as well as on amplifier also. A good amplifier allows the user to play the music on phone on high volume without distortion or disturbance.

What is the phone jack on the Guitar Hero guitar for?

For computer versions, i believe

Where can someone purchase a cell phone signal amplifier?

If one was interested in purchasing a cell phone signal amplifier there are various online stores that offer this product. Some of these stores include Ciao, My Amplifiers, Amazon and Cell Phone Booster Store.

How does a cellphone repeater work?

A cell phone repeater is a bi-directional amplifier that is used to boost cell phone reception in an area. This is usually done with an antenna, a signal amplifier, and an internal antenna. Cell phone repeaters are also found inside large buildings to help with cell phone signal in a building.

defininition of a cell phone booster amplifier?

A cell phone booster is a device that helps increase the amount of signal you recieve on your phone. If your cell-phone typically has a weak signal, you will need one of these.

On guitar hero world tours wireless guitar what is the phone jack for?

It was planned to be used for effect pedals to be plugged into, but none have been made. Do NOT plug a phone jack into your guitar. It will more often than not cause a fire.

Why arrow sign keeps showing on your phone whenever you switch it on?

Because it's getting signal to the phone.

Why is this phone humming?

If it is happenning continuously every few minutes, it's probably low on battery, or your getting a lot of texts.

What is the loudest decibel level for a phone amplifier?

Phone amplifiers can go up to 45 decibels, which is very loud. These amplifiers are generally used by people who are hard of hearing. Most amplifier companies sell different decibel levels so you should test out which one works for you.

What is the coolest thing about a phone?

The coolest thing about a phone is that you can communicate wherever, whenever you are... and you can also get hottest games, quotes, etc.

Should 6th graders be able to use the phone whenever they want?


Can you upgrade your phone whenever you want?

No You cant, like 1 year later you can!

What would one use a cell phone amplifier for?

It amplifies the incoming and outgoing signals. This would be used by someone who lived in an area where cell phone reception was poor.

Is their codes for Guitar Hero on the phone?

chill dude calm down!

Whais better a cellphone or guitar hero?

Cell Phone definitly!

Why does the Guitar Hero guitar have a phone jack?

they wanted to add effects and stuff but they never did is what a rolling stones magazine (i believe) told me

Why is my digitech RP90 did not work when I plugged it to your guitar and it just made a buzzing noise?

If buzzing occours when connecting a guitar to any pedal or amplifier, it signifies there is a loose connection somewhere in the signal flow. You can fault-find it by taking each 1/4 inch jack in turn, plugging one end into the amplifier (with the volume turned up) and tapping the other end. If the lead is working, you should hear a buzzing each time your finger touches the jack. If this does not happen with any of your leads, the problem is most likely with your amplifier (either that or ALL of your jacks are broken). If this works with each of your jacks, try swapping the guitar and seeing if you can get a signal. If you still cannot get a signal, the problem lies with your pedal and you should phone the technical support number given in the pedals instruction manual, or return it to the shop you purchased it from.

How often should a phone battery be charged?

Whenever you find that the battery of phone has been emptied, you can recharge it. It depends upon your use.

So my boyfriend is in the foster system and they took his phone should I get him a phone and put it on my cell phone plan so he'll have one?

Yes, if you can, please get him a phone and put it on your phone plan so that you communicate with him whenever you want.

Does guitar center ship used equipment to other guitar centers?

No, they do not. You can call the store, pay for the equipment over the phone and they will ship it to your home.

How much do mobile phone trackers cost?

Mobile phone tracker is no cost,all you have to do is go to the cellphone company and activate your mobile phone tracker so you can use it whenever you want.

Why is there an internet connection in the bottom of the new wireless Guitar Hero guitar?

Im sorry I cant fully help you but it is actually a phone line, not an ethernet port. I have tryed to plug a phone into it and I have tryed to use a phone line to plug it into the wall but nothing happens, I think (and this is a guess from many people) that it is used for installing the software onto the guitar by Activision. Sorry I could not provide a full 100% answer.

When should a chlid get a cell phone?

whenever the parents feel that this child is mature and responible enough to not take advantage of the privilage of having a cell phone

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