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It sounds like your male friend would like to take your relationship to a higher level. It is not always true that two people alike get along better. Sometimes opposites attract. It's obvious you love your boyfriend so just let your male friend babble on (he's giving you hints as to how he feels about you), but always watch your back and be sure he doesn't cause trouble between you and your boyfriend. Maybe he is saying that so that your boyfriend will break up with you and his girlfriend will break up with him. That way, you will be single, so that he could date you. Ask him what he really means by that; meaning if he likes you more than just a friend:)


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because he does not want to lose you. in another hand he want you to get jealous . and get back to him . am sure what am telling you is true.

No because you may ruin a good the relationship. If you had a boyfriend would you want some girl telling him that they love him? The answer should be no.

Your boyfriend could be telling you to rest today because either you are not feeling well; you may have not had enough sleep or he wants some head space of his own.

You should be confronting your ex and telling him you do not like his girlfriend asking your children about your new boyfriend and if it keeps up he will only be able to see his children at your home or without his ex girlfriend.

bye telling her things about what he does and what he did to me and that's why were not together anymore

If your boyfriend is telling you that you are annoying, LISTEN hard to what he is saying. Then, change your behavior to be less so.

Try telling her that u don't want to hear about that........and if that doesn't work try finding your self a girlfriend and talk about your girlfriend to her all the time

the girlfriend should respect that he needs his own time but if its a girl telling the guy then that means that she wants him... so look out for her.

Dont do anything to speed up the break up process between her and the boyfriend because if she is telling you this kind of stuff than that relationship is as good as done. Just lay back and watch the fireworks! Cuz trust me there will be fireworks with the boyfriend and girlfriend and then with you and your new hook up! PEACE~!

Because it had something to do with her Australian boyfriend

by telling it that its not too serious because you have a plan with it

yes she does want to marry her boyfriend because she is telling her friends that she wants him to be her husband!

He is probably boasting to you. Depending on what he is telling you. It also depends on if you have a girlfriend also, because if you don't he could just be 'tugging your chain' and getting you jelous or if you do he could be trying to make himself look better by telling you in a subtle way that he is better than you because he does all these things with his girlfriend. What they are I don't know But hey ho life goes on. That or he is telling you lies :) That or he just wants you to know how much he does with her because he is happy about having a girlfriend.

Be very careful when you try this. the other girl will get jealous and may attack you. You could get him drunk sleep with him and tell his Girlfriend he got you pregnant. Not telling you to do this but this is one way to do it.

If your boyfriend is denying (to anyone) that you're his girlfriend, then perhaps he isn't the right guy for you after all. Nevermind whether he's cheating on you or not, if he is telling you one thing and other people another, he's being deceptive and is probably not worth your time.

It mean's, she trust's you more than she trust's her boyfriend, or because she is shy around her boyfriend and she doesn't know how he'll react.

No. She will find out because she will be able to tell you are hiding something. Then you will be in trouble.

the lyrics from leaving by Jesse McCartney means that he is telling his "girlfriend" to leave her boyfriend, who treats her without respect. that is basically the reason.

Telling you how to lie about your boyfriend is impossible, telling lies without our help is possible but if the truth comes up, that will be the hard part.

When a boy keeps telling you about his girlfriend it probably means he really likes his girlfriend and likes to talk about her, but the only way to know for sure is to ask him.

no... he almost drowned because of the imaginary girlfriend telling him to but Lauren and jack save him

In the song, Usher is telling his girlfriend that he cannot be with her because she reminds him of an old girlfriend that dumped him when he really loved her and it is too painful to be around her.

she is telling him to dump you because she totally fancies him, or thinks that he can do better

Well yeah, if he is your boyfriend he will really like you O_o

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