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either he really needs in some way, as in friendly or just to satisfy him or he doesnt hav the guts to tell you that he sees other women and cant leave u

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She tells me she loves me but is dating another guywho she says she doesnt love?

She bullshitting you. If she really loves you and doesn't love the other guy, she would've dumped him for you.

When your boyfriend says i love but doesnt loves loves you?

Typically that's just the thing to say when you are in a relationship. It makes each companion feel great about each other. If they don't really love you just except the fact that he is saying he does because its just the thing to say in relationships. But, if you don't love him don't say you do.

Did Zelda loves link?

I think they had some kind of connection on Wind Waker because they are holding hands at the end. But Link doesnt like Zelda the way Zelda loves him because he always seems to go for the other girls. For example: Medli,Karane,Malon,Saria, and especially Ilia. I think Malon REALLY liked him though. You can really see the connection between Link and Ilia. Same with Sarnia, but that was young love

How do you know if boy loves me if he knows that i love him?

You should talk to him about how you feel. Ask him if he loves you. :) But i don't want to ask him you might think I'm kiding but.. make out with him. If he doesnt he is homossexual. If he does... You win i can't do that,find me an other solution i really need answers and your help

Things he does that means he still loves you?

not be too flirty with other girls and if he doesnt pressure you to do any thing

Would you be mad if your boyfriend said he loves you because your 'really nice'- is that acceptable- shouldn't there be more?

well if he loves you he probably doesn't just love you because your nice, there's probably other reasons.

How can you know if she does not love you?

some things that may tell you she doesnt love you:she doesnt call/text you a lotwhen you ask her if she wants to go somewhere she never can or doesnt want toshe makes up excuses not to hang outwhen she says she loves you, it doesnt sound like she really means what she is sayingwhen you are with each other, she doesnt seem to pay attention to youshe doesnt flirt with you, but she flirts with other guysmost importantly, you should just stay positive, if she doesnt take you back, she isn't good enough for you and you should try to move onGOOD LUCK(:

Why people choose the exploration and discovery in the US?

Because they love each other and it really nice to discover things that people doesnt know them

How do you know how much he loves you?

You know he loves you when: He always treats you with respect, never talks to you like you were one of his mates, likes being with you, always makes time to be with you, tells you that you are beautiful no matter what you look like at the time, never preassures you for sex, loves to just cuddle or kiss you without just wanting it to lead to sex, doesnt make sexual comments about other women, doesnt try to hit on other women, is proud to talk about you and is proud to show you off to his family and friends. If he doesnt do these things he doesnt love you.

How Can you Know if this guy is just leading you on?

You can tell most of the time if he doesnt spend much time with you because he has "other plans" or maybe you find alot of things that make you think he doesnt really like you.

Why do men say they love but the go the other way?

because they are lying and they don't really love you. it is rare to find a man who is truthful and genuinely loves you. someone who truly loves you would never turn their cheek to you.

What do you do if you love someone and he is very against your family but he loves you too and you argue a lot because of it?

keep him away from ur family, if this doesnt help, have him and ur family sit down and talk about why they have problems with each other, if THAT doesnt work, who is more important, him or ur family?

Why do horses poop in their water?

there really is no answer for that, it could be just by complete accident. If the horse is in a stall it could be because he doesnt want to do it any other corner.

Should a guy get jealous if other guys like his girlfriend?

not really, because she doesnt love them right ? if she's in love with them then you should he should be jealous.

How do you know when he wants to break up with you?

If he doesnt say he loves you, he flirts with other girls, but you'll find someone better. Like try talking him. If that doesnt work say its over!

If a guy is in relationship with two women how does he know which one he loves more?

If he really loves them he should not lie and tell them of the other and the one that sticks around, loves him and will forgive him.

Is the girl supposed to kiss the boy or is it the other way around?

It doesnt really matter. People say the boy is suppose to kiss the girl but it doesnt really make a difference.

What organisms do jellyfish interact with?

Jelly fish interact by sliding there tentacles over to other fishes. It also says that jelly fish doesnt really interact with other because of how dangerous they are.

Why does your boyfriend can't accept the reality that when you talk to other people it's just a normal talk?

Because your his, and he doesnt want anyone to take you away from him. He thinks he might lose you, and he just, (lets put it this way) he loves you very much and doesnt want to let you go!

Is cordgrass carnivore?

No. Because it doesnt eat other organisms.

Your girlfriend has had a lot of male friends and denies sleeping with most of them but you are suspicious?

It all depends on trust, if she really loves you then she has no need of cheating on you with other friends. It all depends on trust, if she really loves you then she has no need of cheating on you with other friends.

Are Dobermans friendly to other dogs?

It depends, My Doberman is now three and he is really friendly towards other dogs but it all dpends how you raise them. My one is really is really tame and loves other dogs.

Would a guy care if his mistress date other men?

He certainly will if he really loves his mistress, or if he feels inferior for some reason. Why? Because it would make him jealous.

I really don't no do you think he love me?

i have a boy friend that tells me that he loves me and that everysingle day he loves me more and more but he dont leaves in my same town and am afraid for him to be talking to other girls in his town do u think he really does love me i have a boy friend that tells me that he loves me and that everysingle day he loves me more and more but he dont leaves in my same town and am afraid for him to be talking to other girls in his town do u think he really does love me

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