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It is a sign of affection. He may like your hair. Or YOU.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-05 23:15:01
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Q: Why would a guy stroke a girl's hair?
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Do guys like girls with long hair?

Hmm it depends from guy to guy, but ya I beleve guys would prefer girls with long hair~

Do girls like long hair or short hair on guys?

Depends on the guy, I would say most like it longer

Does a guy like you if he plays with your hair?

Think about it. If a guy treats you different from his other girls that are friends then he probably likes you if this guy plays with every girls hair then he's wierd. if he plays with only YOUR hair, he likes you.

What girls like red hair?

Girls shouldn't care what hair color a guy has, what if there is this super nice guy and he loves you and is so sweet, but doesn't have red or whatever color hair you like, would you still like him?? I know I would. I dont think about "hair color"... I think about the inside of a dude's heart! You should, too!!

What would a guy put in his hair?

A guy would put some hair conditioning in his hair. OH YEAH!And hair spray.

Would guys fall for girls with straight hair or curly hair?

Depends really, curly does seem to sometimes be an all around better choice, but for some taller girls, it looks better to have straight hair. -Guy Perspective

Do guys like girls with short hair or long hair?

Depends on the guy, I would say most like it shorter. No, Not necessarily I once took a survey at my high school and almost every guy preferred longer hair. So I would say longer.

Is it weird if a guy likes to play with girls hair?

Not if your in looooooooooooooooooooove. ;]

Does a guy touching a girl's hair mean he is into her?

Yes, normally when a guy touches and plays with the girls hair this is showing love and affection.

What makes a guy more attractive to a girl?

girls like guy with long hair and is carefree or guys with short hair and is athletic

Do guys like girls with or without pubic hair?

it just depends on the guy. most guys do like girls without pubic hair.

What does it mean when a guy has a girls hair tie on his wrist?

She did him a sexual favorite

Do guys like fake hair on girls?

Depends on the guy or girl

Do guy like girls with short hair or medium length or long hair?

guys are different when it comes to women some guys like girls with long or medium hair either blond or brown or what ever color it just depends on the guy

Why do girls grow hair on their body?

They have a small amount of testosterone just like guys. But not nearly as much, which explains why girls dont have as muh hair as a guy.

Do guys like girls hair curled or straightened better?

It depends on the guy. Some guys like when girls have curly hair, some like it straight.

If a guy likes to play with girls hair does that make him gay?

No, that does not make him gay.

DO boys like girls with brown hair and green eyes?

It depends on the guy.

Do girls like a guy with hair?

its better be trim down there. than have a jungle.

Do girls like chinstrap facial hair?

There are some girls that do like chinstrap facial hair. It really depends on the girl, some like facial hair while others do not like any facial hair on a guy.

Girls attracted by girls are lesbian whats the term for guy attracted to another guy?

That would be "Gay".

Is it weird if a guy plays with girls hair?

It depends if the is your girlfriend or your crush? If it is your girlfriend then if shes ok with it then no its not but if its a crush she might a] know u like her and not care and find it entertaining or b] she might be very annoyed. In my case, if I liked the guy and he played with my hair I would NOT mind! I like it when guys play with my hair... as long as I like the guy.

What does 12year old girls want in a boy?

It depends what kind of girl they are. Usually it would be a smart, tall, and handsome guy with straight brown hair. But that is in most girls opinion. The answers vary!!

Why would a guy tell you his hair is wet from water when he tells others girls it is sweat?

He may not want you to think he's gross because he likes you.

What does it mean when a guy plays and runs his fingers through a girls hair?

hes flirting