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What he 'claims' and what he feels is not the same thing here obviously. Even though you MAY have the guy officially, you still seem to be second best in this picture. AND YOU ARE NOT THAT - NOT TO HIM OR ANYBODY!!!

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โˆ™ 2005-10-11 03:39:30
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Q: Why would a guy who claims to love his girlfriend continuously cheat on her with his ex?
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Why is it that your girlfriend would cheat on you with your friends?

she's in the mode to cheat and your friends are not true friends! like seriously what kinda friend will help or join your girlfriend to cheat on you? and btw your girlfriend is not serious with you

Is cheating on your girlfriend right?

No.... would you want her to cheat on you?

Should you cheat on your friends girlfriend?

No u shouldn't cheat on anyone. It would ruin your friendship

Why would a guy you like who has a girlfriend flirt with you by playing mind games with you?

He wants to cheat on his girlfriend

Why would a man cheat on his girlfriend?

a man would cheat because, he's a ediet. why would u cheat on your girl. to get him back poor cold water down his back and say u cold lier

Why would he tell you he loves you if he has a girlfriend?

he probably wouldn't if he i smart, but dumb people would. they also would be cheating on their girlfriend. DO NOT CHEAT ON YOUR GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND. EVER! thanks for reading! bye! (P.S i am draggonessclaws101. ADD ME! :D)

Why would a man cheat with his ex-girlfriend?

He still has feelings for her. He knows that she will always sleep with him.

What you have to do when your girlfriend cheat you?

U can "BREAK UP" OR "TALK IT OUT" & if i were u i would talk it out

What to do when your girlfriend gives you her word that she would never cheat on you then does?

Its time to end that relationship. Move on, and get on with your life.

Why would your boyfriend girlfriend cheat on you whEn you do everything for himher?

they chet you bcoz love ios blind.

How can you cheat on a girlfriend an not get caught?

You shouldn't cheat on anybody in the first place! How would you feel if a girlfriend cheated on you? What's more, if she finds out, then it'll cause both girls to hate you. You'll get a reputation for cheating and nobody will go out with you. If you really like another girl, break up with your girlfriend.

Revenge on a guy who cheated on his girlfriend?

hurt him with the one thing he cares the most. find a way like if he has a girlfriend tell her what happen then ask her if she would cheat on him

Do you think Justin Bieber would cheat on his girlfriend?

If he loves her enough, no. If he doesn't really love her, yes.

How do you tell your girlfriend that im not going to cheat on her again?

Well, you cheated on her, right? How, in her mind, does that mean that you will cheat on her, but not lie to her about not doing it again? If I were her, I would run from you as fast as I could.

What if you like a guy and you know that he likes you to but he already has a girlfriend?

Ask yourself how you would feel if you were the girlfriend. If he is so ready to cheat on her, he will probably do it to you to. IOW...wait until he is single.

How can you tell if a guy really wants to be with you if he has a girlfriend?

He doesn't. If he did he would be honest enough to get rid of the girl he has and ask you out. If he cheats on this girlfriend, he will cheat on the next one.

Will your girlfriend hate you if you date another girl?

Of course she would. Who would want to be cheat on? That's so not cool so don't break her heart. If you really like the other girl then talk to your girlfriend and see what you can do.

Does Tamer Hosny have a girlfriend?

He claims that he does not, but that is too hard to believe! I just think he says that so his fans would not lessen or something!

Does he love me if he hasn't broke up with his girlfriend yet?

is this an honest question? if he LOVED you, he would have broke up with her the moment he fell in love with you..... if he'll cheat with you, he'll cheat on you!

How do you get your ex-girlfriend to cheat on her boyfriend with you?

Get her alone... and then get her drunk. Find out if she likes you first. Get her back first would be the clean way.

What would you do if your ex has cheated on his girlfriend with you and he tells you to your face that he didn't cheat on her?

His middle name is "denial!" I'd be more concerned as to why you would want to cheat with your ex on this girl. He's playing both of you and the two of you gals are coming out the losers!

How can you prove to your girlfriend your not cheating on her?

give her a million reasons of why wouldn't you cheat on her. in other words, give her a million of reasons of why you love her. tell her that you trust her and you would like her to trust you. and that you would never dare to cheat on her since you would be an idiot and she wouldn't deserve that and you would never forgive yourself. (:

How can you get your best guy friend that you really like to cheat on their girlfriend with you?

You are not much of a friend to him if you try this. I would reconsider what you are thinking about doing. This is not friendship !

Why would your girlfriend cheat on you when you do everything for her?

Because she was being selfish. But we are not perfect in any way. No one is perfect everyone makes mistakes even when they say they would never do that.

Did Zayn Malik cheat on his girlfriend?

Would Zayn do that, I doubt it! she had that ONE THING so he said to her ITS GOTTA BE YOU and i cant love you MORE THAN THISand i would never cheat on you because thats WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL and i would never be like NANANA and i always think to myself that I SHOULD HAVE KISSED YOU.

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