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Sounds like there is more going on here than sleeping around. May be emotional or mental problems there. Maybe because of that he needs the extra attention or has sex addiction or is a sociopath. If you happen to be "the girlfriend," my advice is for you to get away from this guy. Even if you love him. It will be tough at first, but trust me, in the future, you'll never regret it. I was thinking the exact same thing. He also uses drugs so nothing would surprise me if he has multiple personalities or something. Excitement? Maybe this married woman gives him things for his services? Maybe she does things the g/f wont? Maybe he has an issue with older women? Maybe he enjoys the attention these married women give him. Sex without committment?

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Q: Why would a guy who has a girlfriend want to sleep around with married women?
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better question... why do married men sleep with anyone who is not their wife?

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a home wrecker Answer Actually the MAN is the home wrecker and he is either 1) not being taken care of by his woman at home or 2) he will never be satisfied by one woman and will run around no matter who is he with. Those are the men who should get out of the marriage. People are always so quick to call the woman the home wrecker and while I don't approve (I would never do it) or think very well at all of women who will sleep with married men, the MAN is the home wrecker. He is the one who is married and is CHOOSING to sleep around, many times with whoever will sleep with him. I am so sick of hearing that the women are the homewreckers when its the men who go out LOOKING for it!!! WHAT?!?!?!That still does not answer the question..Besides if the women were so god darn innocent why are they going with MARRIED men. IF they were so innocent you would think the women wouldn't go sleep with him. And what if the woman was going AFTER a married man, then what?

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