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Why would a guy who has turned you down in the past be jealous that there are other guys interested in you?


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I think he likes to be in control (is ego-tripping) and things have to be his way. Stay away from him! This may feel good to you that he's jealous, but if he cared about you he'd ask you out (shy or not!) Ignore him and date whom you wish. I was in my 20s and before I met my second husband. The fellow I was going with drank too much and I split-up with him. He was a nice guy and had no problem with finding other women at all so I thought all was well. When we saw each other at social gatherings we were pleasant to each other, but one night we were at a party and I brought a date (not a boyfriend, but a good male friend.) My ex boyfriend became extremely angry with me and for the first time I saw anger and was very afraid of him, but thankfully his friends got some control over him. I had never seen this side of my ex before and it made me realize I had made a good decision splitting up with him. Just for the challenge that you said no. Go and seek other guys that actually care about what and who you are.