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I think he likes to be in control (is ego-tripping) and things have to be his way. Stay away from him! This may feel good to you that he's jealous, but if he cared about you he'd ask you out (shy or not!) Ignore him and date whom you wish. I was in my 20s and before I met my second husband. The fellow I was going with drank too much and I split-up with him. He was a nice guy and had no problem with finding other women at all so I thought all was well. When we saw each other at social gatherings we were pleasant to each other, but one night we were at a party and I brought a date (not a boyfriend, but a good male friend.) My ex boyfriend became extremely angry with me and for the first time I saw anger and was very afraid of him, but thankfully his friends got some control over him. I had never seen this side of my ex before and it made me realize I had made a good decision splitting up with him. Just for the challenge that you said no. Go and seek other guys that actually care about what and who you are.

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Why would a guy lie about you to a guy who is interested in you?

because hes jealous and dont want the other guy to take you

What would make someone want to be a stalker?

They could be interested in you, jealous of you, hate you.

Why would the girl you like be jealous of other girls talking to you if she said shes not interested?

Although the girl says she is not interested, she probably still feels flattered that you like her and wants to keep your attention because she is insecure.

What do you call a girl cousin who's jealous of her other cousins?

I think you would perhaps call her "unfortunate" and "lonely." My next question would be to the writer of the ?, how do you know she is jealous...of what or whom is she jealous, and why do you believe she is jealous?

Is Selena Gomez jealous of Demi Lovato?

Selena is Demi's best friend, why would she be jealous of her? What kind of a question is this, they are best friends, they cant be jealous of each other!!!

I was working out with this woman and she told me she went to a party looking for me but I was not there so she danced with a guy and left 20 min later she then told me that another man hit on her?

She is obviously interested in you and trying to make you jealous by telling you about the other guy. If you are interested in her as well it would be safe to say she would say yes to a date if you asked her out.

What is the comparative and superlative of jealous?

The comparative would be more jealous and the superlative would be most jealous.

Is it ok for your boyfriend to be jealous of you?

I would say no... but it depends how jealous he is? why is he jealous?

How long does a guy at the age of 16 like a girl for if he after 1 year still starres at you and looks jealous when you are around other guys or if he knows the guy you are with comes and says hi?

I would totally say that this guy likes you if its been a year. Well if he gets jealous when you're with other guys but still says hi to the guy, i would say he is jealous but doesn't want to cause a big fuss about the whole thing. he also wants to let you know that he is still interested in you by noticing who you're with. so basically he likes you!!!

Are Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez jealous of each other?

No Miley is jealous of Selena. Miley is jealous of Selena. Selena says "I would hate to be Destiney Hope Cyrus. She's a lesbian."

What reasons a girl would be jealous of another girl?

they would be extremely jelous if the other girl was flirting with you

How would guys react if you try to make them jealous with another guy?

they would get really jealous and they would want you more. its like playing hard to get. if they like you, they would get really protective and want to be better than that other guy.

If a guy likes you then why would he get with another girl to make you jealous?

You answered it yourself. He got with the other girl to make you jealous. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

How would you know if a guy is trying to make you jealous?

Is he squeezing other women's boobs? Because if he is, he isn't trying to make you jealous, he's trying to get laid. Put out or get out.

How would you use the word jealous in a sentence?

Jealous is an adjective, so you would use it to describe a noun. For example, I am jealous of my neighbor's new car.

What are signs he is trying to make you jealous?

Signs he is trying to make you jealous by talking about other girls around you and asking what you think of them or saying what if i dated so and so how would you feel.

Are the Jonas brothers jealous of each other?

No, why would they be? They all have equal success and they're a band together.

Why would an ex mention other girls to you?

To make you jealous. This doesn't necessarily mean he/she? still likes you.

What would you do if a bff is jealous or anthore bff?

talk about it with each other to see if u guys are comfortable

How would a crush act around you if he is jealous?

First of all, he probably would not leave you alone with other guys. He would be by your side the whole time.

How do you get your man jealous?

well to me it depends i mean why would you want to get him jealous? is he making you jealous? if not than i think you should leave him alone.

What do you do when a friend is jealous?

here is what i would do. First, don't talk about something similar to why he/she is jealous. then only talk about them. they never want to her about you when they are jealous

Why would your husband want you to be jealous of his ex wife?

most likely its because he is jealous of her.

How do you get a person jealous?

you have 2 really annoy them Answer You can act however you want; being jealous depends on the other person's take on the situation. I realize that I am older, but it seems like a worthless enterprise. After all, if the other person was that into you, there would already be a relationship.

If you are interested in the functionalist approach to psychology what would you most be interested in?

If you are interested in the functionalist approach to psychology, you would be most interested in