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Either because he doesn't really have a crush on you or he's too immature to admit that he likes you.

2006-09-14 03:02:52
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Q: Why would a guy you thought had a crush on you email another girl right away if you sent him your email and he doesn't respond?
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Does Zac have a crush on Miley?

no zac doesnt but miley has a crush on zac :)

What is Justin biebers crush?

he doesnt have a crush because he has a gf (Selena Gomez) but his celebrity crush is Beyonce

What do you do if your crush is religious and you are not?

It doesnt matter what you and your crush believe in, all that matters is that you be together.

If your crush does not like you what can you do? could try and give him/her hints or flat out say it but chances are if he/she doesnt know, he/she will not let them knowbut dont keep your hopes up

Does miley have a crush on Justin bieber?

no she doesnt

What do you do if your crush says he doesnt like you?

move on

Does Percy have a crush on Rachel?

yes and no. he has a crush on her but at the same time he doesnt know how he feels about her

What happens if your crush finds out you love him but he doesnt love you?

You go home cry, think about it, let him go then ask another person out.

How will you know if a boy does not have a crush on you?

If he doesnt pay attention to you and doesnt really care about talking to you.

How do you know when your crush like you?

he/she doesnt like you because I DO.

Does Molly Roloff have boyfriend?

molly rolloff doesnt have a boyfriend, but she does have a crush on this boy named Andrew. molly rolloff doesnt have a boyfriend, but she does have a crush on this boy named Andrew.

Does singer named Cassie have a crush on bow wow?

cassie doesnt have a crush on bowwow he had a crush on her and would not tell anyone he did him and omarion tried to get her

What should you say to your crush if he doesnt know?

Hey i was wondering if...

This boy stares at you constantly but he doesnt look away?

It mean's He Has a Huge crush on you or he thinks your weird. I Rekon He has a Crush on you!!

How do you talk to your crush when you and your crush didn't even talk to each other before but your friend hated your crush?

if your friend hates your crush its simple you first start talking to your crush once you get the point when you can ask your crush to do something you ask if he or she will be more nice to your friend say sorry for what he did ect. if he or she doesnt then that tells you something about a guy or girl and its how he or she will treat you if he or she simply doesnt care that shows he could really care less about your friend you know something is wrong and the relationship simply doesnt work.

How do you respond when a girl tells you she has a crush on you?

You act like you like her to get in her pants (:

How should you respond when your crush tells you he likes you?

how is this a hard one? IF YOUR CRUSH SAYS HE LIKES YOU ITS A GOOD THING1 TELL HIM YOU LIKE HIM TOO. GO OUT, MAKE BABIES, ETC. Respond with the same thing; you like him too.

How can you tell if some one has a crush on you?

If someone is looking at you, when you talk to them how they respond and act and if they are nervous. those are some MAJOR charicteristics of a crush

Why doesnt air pressure crush objects?

becuase it only air

What to do if you have a crush and she doesnt like you back?

move on Watch He's Just Not that Into You =)

Does Alyson stoner have a crush on Cole Sprouse?

no she doesnt. there just friends

Why did Michael Jackson have a crush on Beyonce?

He thought she was pretty.

You are confused this guy has a crush on you but you have a crush on his friend but he has a crush on another girl what should you do?

All four of you could go out for a time on the town and see which of you have similar chemistry. Maybe you all will find out something you didn't know about each other. Perhaps you will like the guy you thought you didn't.

Does Jaden Smith have a crush on Erica Simmons?

No he doent he doesnt i think he has a crush on talor I cant remember her last name though ;)

What happens if you want to kiss your crush but your crush doesn't like you?

You can Either lean in and try and initi the kiss or talk to them and tell them what your intentions are to see how they feel also.