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Why would a home air filter look black?


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Because of all the air and dust particles that flow through it, it gets caught in their to "filter the air" and prevent you from breathing in all that gunk.


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The oil filter has a remote location. Look underneath between the radiator and fan. If the black plastic shield is still their it has a access hole, marked filter.

This is fitted with an eco filter look into the engine compartment, you will see, on the engine a black dome with a hexagon on it the filter is in there do not over tighten when refitting the new filter as the body will crack if overtightned.

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On drivers side-look for a black box with four spring clips.Unsnap these clips,raise this cover and remove the filter.

You need to look on the drivers side from the top. There is a a Black 32mm cap that will need to be unscrewed and the oil filter is in there.

It will look black, or green, depending on the hue of the red. A green filter blocks the red light but no red object is reflecting solely in the red wavelengths, and any non-red light will appear green through the filter.

Look if you know if it has an oil filter or not would be real helpful. On a 1954 Corvette this is tuff. Russ

The oil filter on the 1.4tdci is mounted on the right-hand side of the engine block (as you look in under the bonnet) and is in a black plastic housing which unscrews to expose a replaceable paper element filter. The filter housing points upwards at a slight angle, and looks like a fat black bottle with a hexagonal cap.

It is built into the MAF sensor-Mass air flow sensor. If you look at the air filter box on engine side you will see a black square plastic box that is on the side of the air filter box and has a round plastic hose on it that then goes to the engine. That would be the air intake hose. The black box that is in the hose with electrical connector on it right beside the air filter box is the MAF sensor.

Look up under the front bumber and you will see a black plastic cover that is like a small door, open it up and you will see the oil filter.

If you lift up the hood and look to the left, you should see a black, "square" cover. Undo the latches, and lift it up, the filter is in there.

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Open the hood up and look right above the battery. There should be a black cover there. At the top of the black cover there should be 3 black clips. Undo the clips and pull the black cover out. Look underneath the black cover and you should see the cabin filter. When putting the cabin filter back in, put the black flaps in first and then adjust the 3 clips to match it's counterpart. Now all you have to is reconnect the 3 clips you undid in the beginning. I know most of the Mercedes Car's have their cabin filter underneath the glove compartment, but it is not the same for this model. My uncle has the same model and year as you and I just changed the cabin filter on his car. Changing the filter shouldn't take you more than 8-10 mins. Hope I helped.

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This engine does not have your typical screw on style filter. It is just a cartridge. If you look on the drivers side of the intake manifold you will see a black cap with a big hex on the top of it. That is where the filter is. Remove that cap and replace the filter. This is for the oil filter!!!!!!

it is blue and black and yellow and white Black or blue spots on your walls or other home location.

Look to the left of the battery in the rain tray. There is a black rectangular shaped box. Undo the four clips, remove cabin filter, clean out box, replace filter, redo the clips.

The cost of a ceramic filter would depend on the brand and type of filter and, the location or country it is available in. All you need do is enter keywords, find appropriate site, find the filter you want and add to cart, enter personal delivery and credit card details, and then wait for its arrival to your door. Shipping and handling is usually added to the cost of the filter when ordering. You can also look in your local phone book for suppliers of ceramic filters.

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