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If all connections to the horn are fine and the fuse in okay, then you might want to check the horn relay or the actual switch at the steering wheel.

AnswerYou will have to check the horn unit to determine if it is broken. This can be done by cutting apart the wiring harness, and connecting wires from your horn to your battery. If it doesn't make noise, your horn is shot. You'll have to take the bumper off the car to get at the horn, another testament of great engineering on the part of Honda :)

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yes easy job. civic and crx are the same once you dont go over 95 civics

Yes. Be sure though that the transmission isn't from a Honda Civic made in Japan if your Civic is made in the USA or Canada. This is a tip I got from a salvage business.

Blown fuse, defective horn relay, defective horn, loose or broken wire. check the fuse check the horn relay check the electrical connection to the horn check the horn check the horn switch

check fuses eaither that or dont do something you dont know how to do like jump a car. Id take it somewhere if you cant jump a vehicle you cant work on your car.

any engine will work with a little mod or alot of mods i wouldnt do it 86-89 honda accord should work

yes it will. Only if they have the same motor. make sure you check before you try it.--Josh

A horn might not work on a 1996 Honda Accord because of a blown fuse. There is also the possibility that the wire was cut or damaged. The horn is part of the security system. A used car might have the horn wire cut because the previous owner was annoyed by the horn blaring when someone came near the car.

Check the fuse, wiring and element.

I have exactly the same problem on a Honda accord 99.

Because there's a loose nut behind the wheel.

Yes, any Honda Civic motor from those years will work with little to no modification, same with any Acura Integra motors. That's what makes hondas so great.

I used Royal Purple ATF. Much better shifting afterwards. And meets Honda specs. Amsoil would also work.

An example of Civic virtue would be volunteer work

I would suggest bringing your Civic to a Honda service center. This is a difficult job and if not done correctly could result in severe engine damage. The NJ Honda dealer that I use has factory trained technicians who use only the best equipment and genuine Honda parts. I wouldn't trust anyone other than their experts to work on my 2002 Honda Accord.

The GReddy exhausts will work fine for Honda Civics 2001 model year and on.

it could be your dimmer switch is getting bad

It will need to be re-programmed but, yes, it should.

When you pull a button in the cupe? If its no response, its the wire.

i personally have a 1997 Honda civic, see these go by generations, 92-95 is a 5th generation and 96-99/2000 is a 6th generation, 6th gens base models usually come with d16y7 or d16y8 motors in them, check you cars engine and if it is a d series engine, it should work, i think d16 and d15 series are alike. but if your going for performance, just do a gsr swap, most power for the money

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