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Because he's a jerk and is sadistic or, he may not know this woman is doing this to you unless you have told him. I saw a good movie the other night called, "The Diary of a Mad Black Woman" (excellent movie) and it was about a pretty young black woman who married a rich black man that lived in a beautiful mansion. He found a white mistress, brought her into his home right in front of his wife on their Anniversary and dragged his wife across the floor and threw her out of THEIR HOUSE! I don't want to tell you too much about this movie in case you want to see it, but of course the wife was angry and wanted to get even with him and she got her chance. She was in her families home and her aunt was there and this old black woman said something worth writing down, "IF YOU DON'T FORGIVE HIM FOR WHAT HE HAS DONE TO YOU, THEN FORGIVE YOURSELF, HE STILL HAS TOTAL CONTROL OVER YOU!" I have seldom heard wiser words. So hon, WASH THAT MAN RIGHT OUT OF YOUR HAIR AND THAT "B" ALONG WITH HIM!" Just so you know, I was married to an abusive husband before as well. It took 3 1/2 years to get the message. I just got angry and got out of there filing for divorce. Of course he didn't make it easy for me and he harassed me by phone, followed me, had others follow me, and I kept on fighting. I won! I ignored him, saw a lawyer and nailed his butt for harassment! I have been married to a wonderful man for 33 years and known him 38 years, so, keep that in mind and know there is a much better life down the road for you. There is a "block" on your computer on the 'tool bar' so the next time she emails you click that old tool bar and BLOCK that bag! If you are too upset to do this, when she emails you SEND IT BACK WITHOUT OPENING IT! Don't engage in what she has to say. Ignore this snip! You are the greater one here and never forget it. Although I am sure you are really hurting right now, there is peace in the future and the right man for you. If this harassment doesn't stop then you see a lawyer and slap a "Cease & Desist" order on her! She's freeze in her tracks! Good luck hon Marcy

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Q: Why would a husband allow another woman to email his wife and hurt her before their divorce is final?
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Can a wife have more than 1 husband in Islam?

No Islam does not allow a wife to have more than 1 husband. But if her husband dies or her husband gives divorce, she can marry with another muslim.

Does the new testament allow a husband to still divorce his wife for anything?

The Bible says you should not commit adultery or divorce.

Can you get a divorce if you are pregnant with another man's child?

Yes you can get a get a divorce from your husband. Your husbands lawer would say that you have cheated on your husband and that is the grounds for a divorce. The only way you can not get a divorce is if your husband refuses to sign the divorce papers. (Once a spouse is Served by the court with the summons/notice of divorce refusing to sign the divorce papers will not stop the divorce,it will still proceed,the spouse may however contest the divorce if they can prove cause,which in most cases only delays the divorce)AnswerThere are some states that will not allow a woman to get divorced if she is pregnant. In those states, a divorce would not be granted until after the baby is born.

Would GOD allow a wife to divorce an abusive or disrespectful husband regardless of Jewish law?


When can Muslim women divorce her husband?

Islam teachings allow the Muslim woman to divorce her husband mainly if:he is incapable practicing the proper sexual intercourse,he has a character or morals that she is not satisfied with, and/orhe is unable to gain her respect to him and/or pride of him

If husband gave wife herpes due to an affair can husband be held responsible for medical coverage for wife if she divorces her husband?

That request must be made at the time of the divorce. The court may allow it.

Why do some Muslims allow divorce?

Divorce is not welcomed per Islam religion. However, it is allowed if the wife and husband can't get along what so ever despite all consultations and advice.

Your ex husband will not allow your children to contact you and you can not contact them your divorce papers states you have unlimited contact with your children?

Sue him or take him to court

My husband is from Kosovo and we married there. The embassy will not allow him to come to America to be with me. How would we file for divorce?

Wht was there reason for not letting him?

Can you sue your cheating husband?

You cannot sue your spouse in most jurisdictions. The exception is divorce. You can sue him for divorce to end your marriage.You cannot simply "sue" your husbnd for being unfaithful but many states still allow adultery as grounds for divorce.

Can you divorce your wife if she is pregnant in Tennessee?

Actually, the courts used to REFUSE to allow spouses to divorce is the wife was pregnant. Some are still reluntant to do so. Now, as long as we provide for support and care of the unborn child, the Court will allow the divorce to proceed. Please note: If your wife is pregnant by another man, the husband is STILL the LEGAL father of the child. Unless you can bring an alleged father into the picture, you may have to pay support on this child.

Are Catholics allowed to divorce?

No, the Catholic Church does not allow divorce.

Can a wife petiton the court to get child support before the divorce?

Some states allow a "legal separation" instead of or before a divorce, which could include alimony and/or child support. In all states, I believe, you can file for divorce and ask for temporary child support and/or alimony pending the divorce. Check with a lawyer in your state.

Does Hong Kong law allow divorce?

yes, it does. many actresses divorce there.

Is divorce legal through the eyes of the Church?

The Catholic does not allow or recognize divorce.

My husband filled for divorce and i have 2 children by my previous marriage and their father is in prison is there any rights my children have on seeing the one who just f husband now whom just filled?

Many states allow stepparent visitation rights

I went to live at the US and just get married there how long that I can divorced?

Getting a divorce will depending on the state that you live. Some states may require a period of separation before divorce, while other will allow the couple to move forward with divorce only.

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GA allows for non-fault divorce, but they also allow for fault based divorce.

Does Islam allow divorce?

Yes, of course.

If you divorce your husband in Maryland and get custody of your daughter can you leave the state with her?

if you have sole custody and he has visiting rights you need to find a modus operandi to allow him some visits, best solution is consentual

Divorce in Ireland since 1996?

A referendum to allow it happened in 1996, and now there is divorce in Ireland.

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If you are married in China, you do not need to return to China to file for a divorce. Canada will allow you to file for divorce and recognize the divorce that has taken place.

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