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This can happen quite often, and usually it's because the sister is around. Sometimes one of the two in a relationship just falls out of love, but most of the time he just wants to get to know your sister and have a go at her to put it bluntly. These guys are jerks and I sure hope your sister loves you enough not to fall for his off the cuff lines and tells him to take a hike. No man is worth losing the relationship between sisters. Good luck Marcy some popular reasons: out of revenge because she looks prettier than his wife she is better in bed she has something he wants. blackmail maybe she seems more caring than his wife (which many men at one time or another believe is true that another is better suited for him than his wife) she has more money basically, she is somehow "better" than the wife in his eyes

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Q: Why would a husband cheat on his wife with his wife's sister?
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What is called sister-in-law?

That would be your husband or wifes sister.

Would a husband cheat on his wife if he was happy with her?

if your husband was happy with you he would not cheat on you, unless he wasn't in love with you

What you would you call the husband of your sister-in-law?

The husband of your sister-in-law is either your brother or the husband of your spouse's sister. In the later case, you would usually call him "my sister-in-law's husband."

Did Dolly Parton cheat on her husband?

Dolly Parton would never cheat on her Husband Carl Dean. Just because she likes to Flirt doesn't mean she would cheat on her Husband.

What would you call your sister in law's husband?

The English language has not special term for the husband of your sister-in-law. You woudl call him your "sister-in-law's husband."

What would the wife call her husband's sister?

The sister of your husband is your sister-in-law.

If your sister got married would her husband be your brother?

Her husband would be your brother-in-law.

What would you call your husband's sister-in-law if your husband does not have a brother?

She would be your sister.

What would you call your husband's sister in law if your husband does not have a brother?


Which insurance is primary for the husband when the husband and wife each have insurance through their jobs and husband is covered by the wifes insurance as well?

The husbands own insurance would be primary, and his wife's would be secondary.

Is a loan that was setup by the husband only in his name. without wifes signature still wifes debt?

Ask yourself the question that if the husband purchased a lottery ticket and the ticket was a winner, would the payments be partly the wife's?

What is your sister husband to you?

He would be your brother-in-law.

What relation is your sister-in-law's sister's husband to you?

If your sister-in-law is the wife of your brother she is not related to you and her sister and the sister's husband re not related to you. If your sister-in-law is the sister of your spouse, than her sister would be either another sister-in-law or your wife. If the sister is your wife, then you are your sister-in-law's sister's husband. If the sister is another sister-in-law, then her husband is not related to you, but is your spouse's brother-in-law.

What is your mother's sister's husband sister?

Your mother's sister's husband's sister is your aunt's sister-in-law, but is not related to you. Here's why: Your mother's sister is your aunt. The sister of a woman's husband would be her sister-in-law. In this case the woman is your aunt. So your mother's sister's husband's sister would be your aunt's sister-in-law.

Would a womens female friend cheat with her husband?

It happens.

What would Hera like to see?

she would like to see her husband not cheat on her

Ilove a girl who is your wifes sister but you can not say to him?

I would not touch this matter unless you are interested in self-destruction.

Is your sister in-law's husband's sister considered your sister in-law?

Your sister-in-law may be your brother's wife. In that case, her husband is your brother, so his sister would be your sister. Your sister-in-law may also be the sister of your husband. In that case, her husband's sister is no relation to you.

Why would a woman cheat on her husband with 50 strange men?

Maybe they gave her the pleasure her husband didn't .

Why would your sister say that if you date her husband's sister it can adversely affect her relation with her husband Is she jealous?

Perhaps your sister is saying that if you mess up with his sister her husband will talk to her about it and would be all over you. Perhaps she doesn't want her husband to have to punk you out. And even if you are a "good" man, she still won't have to worry about anything involving that.

Why would a husband cheat on his wife after 29 years of marriage?

because he can

What would you call the husband of your sister-in-law?

How about your brother.

What you would you call the husband of your sister in law?


What does your mother call her husband's sister's husband?

Your mother's husband's sister is your mother's sister-in-law. Her sister-in-law's husband is not related to your mother, but is her husband's brother-in-law.The most common ways of referring to him would be "my sister-in-law's husband" or "my husband's brother-in-law."

What your sister husband called as?

He would be your brother-in-law. To your children, he would be their Uncle.