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Why would a laptop not connect to a home network?

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July 17, 2015 5:38PM

Any networking issue is a combination of software and hardware configuration. The version of NOVELL at your work may be based on an IPX based communications scheme, while it is almost certain that your home network is based on TCP/IP. You can get your laptop to handle this, but it will take installing another network card, installing the hardware driver for the card, and then answering some configuration questions, like the address of the router, or cable modem for your home. This is really a place for a professional to look at the details of each system, and make the adjustments. It can be easy, or complex, so there is no simple way to answer your question.

If both of your computers (both PC + laptop) do not run on TCP/IP, this could cause major problems, as if the two use different communication protocols they can not communicate with one another. another problem may be that you don't have a NIC (Network Interface Card).