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Why would a laptop not connect to a home network?

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Any networking issue is a combination of software and hardware configuration. The version of NOVELL at your work may be based on an IPX based communications scheme, while it is almost certain that your home network is based on TCP/IP. You can get your laptop to handle this, but it will take installing another network card, installing the hardware driver for the card, and then answering some configuration questions, like the address of the router, or cable modem for your home. This is really a place for a professional to look at the details of each system, and make the adjustments. It can be easy, or complex, so there is no simple way to answer your question.

If both of your computers (both PC + laptop) do not run on TCP/IP, this could cause major problems, as if the two use different communication protocols they can not communicate with one another. another problem may be that you don't have a NIC (Network Interface Card).

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Do you use a network card at home to connect wireless from your laptop?


Can you use a raspberry pi with a laptop?

I connect to my Raspberry Pi from my desktop PC and a laptop via SSH (Secure SHell) over a home network.

Dell laptop wireless works at home but not at other places?

You might have to choose manually which network you want to connect to.

How can you connect your laptop to your home theater system?

If you fart hard on ur home theater then it will automatically connect to your laptop.

Should you setup your home and laptop computers as a home network or a public network?

Home Network

What is a home network router?

a router is a device used to connect two or more PC into a network using a LAN/Ethernet type cable. you can also have the wireless router to rid yourself of the cables when working on your laptop. In a home network your Internet connection will plug into the router and then several computers can connect to the Internet via the router.

How do you connect a laptop to a laptop?

You can connect two laptops with an ethernet cord. If the laptops have bluetooth enabled, they can be connected through bluetooth to transfer files to each other. Another way two laptops can be connected to each other is through a home network (such as using a router to connect the two laptops).

How do you connect a laptop to your home theater 5.1?

HDMI cable (if laptop is HDMI compatible)

How can you set up your home wireless network?

You have to buy a wireless router and configure DHCP server, it should in automatic mode (usually it's default factory setting). After that connect your laptop to the wireless network.

How do you connect a home printer to a laptop?

You will either have to network the printer (built in network adapter or purchase a network print server) or connect it to a computer that allows printer sharing. The second option requires permissions to be set up and having the main computer on at all times (or at least when you want to print something).

How can you use your laptop away from your home?

If there is a signal for internet nearby, you can connect to it and your laptop will automatically detect if it is a newer brand of a laptop.

In creating a home network do you need a WAN connection?

I am pretty sure that a WAN connection would not be needed for a home network. A WAN is a Wide-Area Network. A WAN would be used to connect to your business computer from home. A LAN is a Local-Area Network. It should be sufficient if the network is simply for sharing files or printers, etc.

How do you connect your ipod touch to wi-fi?

You go to settings, then wifi, then select the network you would like to connect to. Some networks have passwords, so I suggest making your own network for your home.

What network is located at home and used to connect digital devices?

Local Area Network

Do you have to pay a monthly charge if you connect a laptop to a router?

Do you mean that you are connecting your laptop through a router with your main computer in your home? If so, no there is no additional charge to connect.

I had your laptop connected to the home computer and reformated laptop and now cant get the internet to connect?

There are two common problems. First one, you forgot to install drivers for the wireless adapter. Second one, your router is secured and requires a key to connect. You have get the key from other computers in your network or connect to the router using a LAN cable and change the key.

How do you connect the sony home theatre to laptop?

Use a HDMI cable

How can someone connect to the internet on their laptop by using a cell phone?

Connecting to the internet from the laptop through a cell phone is done through a process called "tethering." The cell phone is able to create a wireless signal that the laptop connects to, much like a home wireless network.

What is a network located in your home that is used to connect all digital devices?

a Local Area Network or LAN

What network device is needed to connect the broadband cable at home?

a modem

What bridge is best for a home office?

Typically, you would not need a bridge for a home office. Bridges are used connect two different networks and network topologies.

How can you connect your windows vista laptop to the Internet using your home windows XP PC connection?

You should be able to accomplish this task by buying a router. Install it in your main PC. Connect it to the inputs of your laptop and run Windows network setup. Like this you will be able to log onto the internet thru one account. You now have your own network. I am pretty sure this is all you have to do but don't take it as the gospel truth.

What is a home network camera?

A home network camera is simply a camera that is able to connect to your home wireless net work to broadcast it's images. These can be useful as home security.

What are some reasons behind not being able to connect a a home WiFi network?

There are many reasons behind not being able to connect a home WiFi network. One of the biggest reasons why a WiFi network won't work is because a problem with the ISP.

How do you connect a laptop with HDMI to a home theater system?

Your home theatre system will need both an HDMI input and output. Most all-in-one systems have no HDMI input. Connect the output of the laptop to HDMI input of the receiver. Connect the HDMI monitor output on the receiver to the TV.