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Sometimes men do this for financial reasons with the wife and have the girl on the side for everything else. Sometimes he's just a pig and wants his cake and eat it too. Why would you want to subject yourself to be second, you deserve better. There is a real man out there who will treat you like the queen your supposed to be treated like. Dump him and move on with you life because right now basically he is using you. For security reasons. If his ex-wife doesnt feel the same about him and he has let you go then he will have no one. There are simply no excuses a man can give (business reasons, money tied up, etc.) not to leave his wife and be with you. The say "love conquers all!" So, if it was true love (unless he was a staunch Catholic that won't permit him to get a divorce) nothing would stop him from leaving his ex wife and being with you. Move on!

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What do you do if your boyfriend says he loves you?

What I would do is say, "I love you too.." and then kiss him.

What do you do when your girlfriend says she loves you but does not want to be with you?

you would ask her why, and tell her you would do ANYTHING in the whole world to be with her:)

Aliyah says she loves u?

If Aliyah says she loves you you should think DO I LOVE HER and if you do tell her that you do.

When a guy says he loves you with explanation marks what does that mean?

means what it says he really loves you and is really into you

How can tell boyfriend mine loves you?

He says he loves you

What does it mean when a guy says I would buy you roses and a box of chocolates but I can't?

he loves you

What does it mean when a guy friend says that he loves you but then later on he says he doesnt love you?

i a guy friend says that he loves u then later says that he does not then he is just playing with your emotions

He loves you but he does not express?

well it sometimes happeneds if he does say that he loves you than he would love you enough to sit down and talk about it and try harder to show that he cares and loves you as much as he says he does

Is Ronnie Winter a Christian?

He says he loves Jesus on his twitter, so I would think so.

Would Justin Bieber ever love you?

Yes, he says he loves all his fans and his haters.

What does it mean when a guy says i care for you very much?

that he loves you that he loves you

How can you tell he really means it when he says he loves you?

If he really loves you and means it when he says it, then you'll feel disgusted and despise him for his weakness.

Does your girlfriend like you if she says she loves her male best friend?

Your girlfriend still loves you. You're her boyfriend. When a girl says she loves her male best friend she means it in a family kind of way. As long as she still spends time with you and says she loves you, you have nothing to worry about

How do you know if a guy really loves you?

You know that a guy really loves you if he is there by your side when your down. When You say your ugly he says no your not your beautiful. When you say your fat he says no you are not you are skinny. When he is friends say something really bad to you he says back the heck off. And one important when you ask him if likes you he says no. HE then says no I LOVE you. And the most important thing ever is when You ask him if he would miss you if you left. He would say no. After that he would say I would DIE if you left.That is how you would know if he loved you.if he wants to be around you all the time

He says he loves you but he fears telling it it any one and stops you of telling anyone why?

he is embarassed of you, and I would be too.

What does it mean when he says he cares for you?

He loves you.

How do you know when he loves you?

if he says your cool or not

What if your boyfriend says he loves you?

marry him

How do you know your boyfrirnd of 2yrs really loves you he says he do?

If your boyfriend treats you right- then you know he loves you. It doesn't matter what he says- it matters what he does!

Sonic loves Amy?

Jes he loves her because in the japan epsode he says i love you amy ... and sega says that true <333

What does it means When she says she loves you more?

is that she loves u maore then anything in the world.

How can you tell if your boyfriend loves you if he says he does?

If you meant "How can you know if your boyfriend loves you when he says it?" Well the answer to that should be obvious. If he really loves you he would express his feelings for you with deep emotion not just a simple "I love you". Now love is a very strong word and has a very strong meaning to it. It gets thrown around too much in relationships which withers it's meaning. To sum it up if he loves you he would show it to you with deep emotion.

What does it mean on imvu when it says IMVU was unable to process your request?

it mean you are unable to do whatever it was you were trying to do

How would you know if he truly loves you or if he is faking it?

I have a boyfriend who I truly love and will do anything for him.. He says he loves me and will marry me one daybut what I want to know does he truly loves me or is he faking it. I love him alot and care for him and his family. NOt to mention he is a mexican.

What Bella means in breaking dawn when she says love you Jake?

What say say's is "I love you, but I'm not in love with you" meaning she loves him like you would a sibling but not like she loves Edward