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Why would a man be unable to let you go if he says he loves his ex-wife?


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Sometimes men do this for financial reasons with the wife and have the girl on the side for everything else. Sometimes he's just a pig and wants his cake and eat it too. Why would you want to subject yourself to be second, you deserve better. There is a real man out there who will treat you like the queen your supposed to be treated like. Dump him and move on with you life because right now basically he is using you. For security reasons. If his ex-wife doesnt feel the same about him and he has let you go then he will have no one. There are simply no excuses a man can give (business reasons, money tied up, etc.) not to leave his wife and be with you. The say "love conquers all!" So, if it was true love (unless he was a staunch Catholic that won't permit him to get a divorce) nothing would stop him from leaving his ex wife and being with you. Move on!