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A man is asking out a woman when he can't stand her? And she says no, so she obviously can't stand him... Well, there are a couple of reasons this may happen: 1) It is a classic case of boy likes girl, but boy doesn't know how to show it so he picks on her - like in grade school when the boys would tease the girls they like. Maybe he doesn't know any other way to express his feelings. 2) He likes the woman but feels rejected when she tells him "no" so then he acts negatively toward her, giving the impression that he doesn't like it. The attidtude is a coping mechanismto deal with the rejection. 3) Maybe he thinks she is physically attractive and even though their personalities don't mesh, the physical attraction is strong enough for him to want to pursue the woman. Maybe he is not at all interested in her, but rather what he can get from her. 4) Maybe the challenge is exciting for him. There are many men and women who find thrill in "the chase". Perhaps it is this challenge that really motivates him to pursue the woman, in hope sthat he will eventually conquer. - Whatever scenario it turns out to be, none of them seem favorable terms for a real, true, loving, lasting relationship.

2006-07-26 16:52:06
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