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Why would a married man cheat with two women?


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Oh boy, does that ring a bell with me. My first husband loved women, and he not only cheated on me, but his mistress (and she married him!) Men (or women) who cheat on their mates do so because they are immature, egotistical and have a lack of confidence. Many of these men think they are great lovers, when in reality, that's one of the problems. In ways, you have to feel sorry for these people because they seldom know what love really is, never share themselves with others and never know what it is to be loved. Marcy

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Unless he was married to them at different times, it means he did cheat.

Because other women are hotter than you:P

Some married women probably have cheated on their husbands with other women, but not all women. The reason why they might do this is because maybe they are secretively lesbian and got married to cover up for it, or while being married to a man they have realized that they are lesbian. There could be lots of reasons for why some women cheat with other women.

* There are no statistics related to how many married women in Columbus, Ohio want to chat with a black man. Cheating means 'sneaking around' so there would be no proof in order to have statistics.

People who are happily married do not cheat. ANSWER: Simple they would never let their status gets on the way of what they want to do. From the recent survey, married man who is in happy marriage will also cheat to their wife. It's the challenge, excitement that they love. The power knowing women loves to be with them is what makes them excited.

Not all married men do, but for those it shows they are not a one woman man. They only think about themselves and its not to be trusted. But they do so for the same reasons that married women do.

yes if the man or women cheat to other ,so witness is needed.

She's a skank and a hoe so yes she will cheat on you.

It all depends to the man. There are some married man that will take a while before he can have the thought of cheating, he needs reason to do it so he will not have this guilty feelings that his friends or family might ask. But there are married man that will cheat because it's how they are and can't be satisfied with just one woman. Either way men do cheat for their selfish reason.

This is down tot he individual and not star signs.

Now a days you can't be sure who is doing what, but it always happen whether we like it or not. From my survey I had found out that 65% of married men do cheat, and 45% of women do the same. And it happened to me, the man I married had a love affair with a married woman..

If you know the man you are with is not a single man then you BOTH are cheating!

If he fell for another woman, he wouldn't be called a loyal married man would he? So, loyal married men get their name for a reason:)

I believe that men are interested in married women because they do not have to deal with the women after their deeds are done. Just like when single women seek out married men because when the man goes home it is the wife who has to deal with him. She has gotten what she needed from him whether it is sex or cash. All in all they can see as many men and women that they choose to because they are not tied down to just one person. They also cheat with a married woman or man because they are lacking something at home that they are not getting from their husbands or wives.

Essentially, they cheat because: 1. They are selfish 2. Other women go out with them even though they know they are married 3. Because they like the chase and are insecure 4. It has nothing at all to do with you- they want their cake and to eat it too!!!

Yes, some women can fall in love with a married man, but once there was a code among women that if a man was married it was 'hands off!' A mistress does not fair well if she decides to have an affair with a married man and the wife generally wins out.

That would depend on whether he is married to another woman, for purposes of terminology. concubine

If he is not happy at home or getting his needs fulfilled that may cause him to stray.

Never make a married man cheat. Think of the wife, who probably does not know, and trusts him with her life. That is the worst thing you could ever do and why make him cheat, if you get into a relationship if he gets a divorce, and then he may cheat on you. He may be good in the bed, but he will never be good in the heart.

Yes i heard that there is kuwaiti women married pakistani man

if the married man keeps talking to the lady everyday. he is looking for the chance

I think some women are jealous of married women they try to become a mistress.Women who do not want a relationship know they can get sex, money etc. from the married man and know that the man will not leave his wife.

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