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You didn't mention the age of this man. From 40+ a man goes into "Andropause" ALL MEN do and some have mild to more severe side effects. Andropause is a type of menopause like women have, but the side effects aren't as severe or long-lasting. Some men just "give up" and act old, while others may get "chirpy and feisty" and start with a new hair style, new clothes to make them look younger and they may even flirt with young women in hopes that they find him attractive (doesn't mean he wants to cheat, but just noticed and hopefully get a nice compliment about his looks.) Let's face it, both men and women want this as they start to get older. Up until recently doctors refused or simply didn't realize that men went through this and now they are on the ball, but behind on knowledge. Men going through Andropause can become lethargic, lose their libido, lose muscle mass (especially in their arms and legs), can feel depressed. If this man is lethargic and isn't interested in other things besides sex such as going out with male friends, or acting as he once use too (happy, tentative, passionate about different things happening around him and doesn't care if he sees his friends or family one way or the other) and since he's had a good physical (this should include the T3/T4 thyroid blood test, testing for Diabetes and also his adrenal gland) then he could either be depressed or have low Testosterone. Testing for low Testosterone is simply a blood test. 20- is something to be concerned about. It's a shame that many men go through life thinking that they are just getting old and feel useless when there is no need to be. My husband is 61 and I'm 65 and we can run circles around many of youth today, so that leaves "old age out!" Please have him go back to the doctor and ask for a Testosterone blood test and if comes back around 25 - 30 ask the doctor to send him to an "Internist." Please go onto TYPE IN: Testosterone levels in men There is a virtual library on the internet of information regarding Andropause and Testosterone levels in men because I've just been searching out this information for a male friend of mine. It will help both of you to understand that there is sex after 40 and a good future down the road. Good luck Marcy

2006-09-10 20:46:56
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