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if it stalls when you remove positive battery terminal then your alternator is bad Yes, it could be the alternator, but I have an 89 Celebrity and when I first got it we had the same problem and would die out every few minutes and need a boost. We changed the alternator, did not help. We bought a Duralast Gold battery from Auto Zone which helped a little but did not fix the problem. We then took the car to an alternator repair shop called Gabby's in Knoxville TN and they replaced a large fuse under the dashboard and I never had the problem again. Cost me $5.00.

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โˆ™ 2009-04-11 16:55:21
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Q: Why would a new battery on a Chevy Celebrity show to be charging yet you cannot unhook the battery terminals as if it was not charging?
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Just like the battery on any other vehicle, connect the charger's clips to the battery terminals, red to positive and black to negative. However, because the Sportster has a relatively small battery, if charging at a high amperage (ten amps or more), it's important to monitor charging carefully unless the charger is fully automatic. Don't leave a small battery charging at a constant 10 amps overnight. For peace of mind and foolproof charging, I recommend using a Battery Tender, which you can leave connected to the battery whenever the bike is parked. It cannot overcharge yet keeps the battery at full capacity.

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No it cannot. Your battery maybe bad or your charging system may have quit. Have a service shop load test the battery and check your charing system.

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Don't know this cars specifics, but usually, if the alternator light is on in your dash (the battery symbol) it means that your alternator is not charging your battery or that your battery cannot hold a charge.

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Why would battery terminal corrosion prevent a car from starting?

If there is corrosion on the terminals then you will have a bad connection that will not transfer power from the battery to the starter. It is just like disconnecting the cable. Electrical current cannot flow properly through the corrosion,

How can you tell if the battery charger for vehicle battery is actually working?

If you are talking about battery chargers you buy to charge your vehicle's battery, you will hear a slight hum or a feel a slight vibration as it is charging. Some chargers have a meter which will show the current (Amps) being put into the battery. If you mean the vehicle's own battery charging system, if that system is not working it is likely that a red warning light on your dashboard will not go out after you have started the engine. Vintage cars or special-build vehicles often have an Ammeter to show the current (Amps) being put into the battery. If the vehicle's own charging system is not working you can still drive the vehicle for some distance but don't rely on the battery's charge lasting for long: if the battery is not being re-charged it will go flat because of the current drain taken by the vehicle's electrics. (Ignition, fuel pump, lights, etc..) If you can't get the vehicle's own battery charging system fixed but still want to use the vehicle for short distances you will have to re-charge its battery regularly using a mains-powered battery charger. When you eventually get the vehicle's charging system fixed it would be a good idea to have the battery tested too, to be sure it is ok. If your battery is too flat to start the engine then there may be 2 different reasons why it went flat: 1) because the battery is old or has a fault so that it cannot hold a charge any more - the battery needs to be replaced. 2) because the vehicle's battery charging system has a fault so that it has stopped charging the battery. In that case it is the charging system which must be replaced. This assumes of course that the battery itself is ok.

If I have a 1991 Dodge Dakota new battery BUT acts like it's dead sometimes Have to jump it to get it to start Any Ideas?

Sometimes new batteries are faulty. However, check that the terminals are clean and tight. Check that the battery fluid is proper level in all cells (some batteries don't have caps on top to check this and cannot be checked. Also, do this carefully, acid is not your friend). Sometimes intermittently bad alternator or starter solenoid can cause this. Bad ground or broken/shorted wiring can also be possible. It's a new battery, so take it back and have it and the charging system checked at the shop where the battery was purchased. They should check the battery for free under warranty, and some shops will test the charging system for free too.

Would a faulty battery cause a diesel to stall while driving?

No it cannot unless alternator is not charging the only power a diesel requires is for fuel cutoff solenoid

How does one go about changing a car battery?

The first thing you do is turn off the car, and set the parking brake. Now detach the black battery terminal from the battery. Next, repeat the same procedure with the red terminal. Using a rachet and socket, remove the battery hold down clamp. Grab the old battery from the bottom with both hands and lift it out of its tray. Using a wire brush, thoroughly clean the corrosion from the battery terminals with a baking soda and water mixture. Place the new battery in the tray and secure it with the hold down clamp. For best results, spray the battery terminals with a anti corrosion solutions. Now attach the red terminal first, followed by the black terminal, making sure the terminals are tight enough that they cannot move.

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The battery cannot be removed quickly! Inductance of the wiring stores energy and keeps the current flowing and decaying smoothly. There will be an opposite polarity, higher voltage pulse on the battery terminals, limited by the circuit capacitance only.

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Battery Terminal Corrosion is Often VisibleFirst, the plastic case of a battery cannot corrode.When corrosion occurs, it is on the metallic lead terminals and the connector clamps on the battery cables.What you can see depends on the extent of the corrosion.Mild corrosion may be nothing more than a dark [often black] film on the terminals and connector clamps.If the corrosion has been allowed to go on for a long time then one may see evidence of the corrosion in the form of a "fluffy" buildup of powder on the terminals and connector clamps. This powdery buildup is usually a whitish, green to blue-green tint.The fluffy material is an oxide or salt compound resulting from the combination of the metal in the terminals and connector clamps with the Sulphuric Acid in the liquid battery electrolyte.

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Chevy truck tries to start but dies down after a bit as if taking a load it cannot handle why?

If a Chevy truck tries to start but then doesn't, it might be that the battery is low. Check the alternator also to make sure that battery is charging properly. Some larger motors require a larger cranking amp from the battery to start.

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