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Why would a new blower motor not run on high speed and not get as hot as it used to?


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2007-02-15 16:17:56
2007-02-15 16:17:56

Depending on the make and model it could be the switch or on some cars the circuitry includes additional components like a small circuit board. answer most likey to be the fan switch, a blower motor does not alter the temperature only blows more air to be heated thru heater


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I would suspect the blower motor speed resister is shot.

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If you only have high speed I would blame the blower speed resister. If you have no speeds and the fuse is good, I would blame the blower motor or the switch.

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If the one speed it works on is high speed, it is the blower motor speed resisitor that is bad.

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The blower motor speed resistor is burned out. The high speed function bypasses the resistor. The speed resistor is generally located near to the blower motor.

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