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Depending on the make and model it could be the switch or on some cars the circuitry includes additional components like a small circuit board. answer most likey to be the fan switch, a blower motor does not alter the temperature only blows more air to be heated thru heater

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Q: Why would a new blower motor not run on high speed and not get as hot as it used to?
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What would cause the blower motor on a 2002 Malibu to work only at high speed?

I would suspect the blower motor speed resister is shot.

What else would stop a blower motor from changing speed 1234speed dont work?

If you only have high speed I would blame the blower speed resister. If you have no speeds and the fuse is good, I would blame the blower motor or the switch.

What would cause your blower motor to work on only one speed on a 97 Chevy k1500?

If the one speed it works on is high speed, it is the blower motor speed resisitor that is bad.

What would cause the blower motor on a 2001 Malibu to work only at high speed?

Probably a bad blower motor resistor

What would cause blower motor to work on high only on a 2002 Dodge Durango?

I would suspect the blower motor speed resistor is bad.

Your heater blower will just work on high speed?

The blower motor speed resistor is burned out. The high speed function bypasses the resistor. The speed resistor is generally located near to the blower motor.

What is the purpose for the relay fuse for the blower in the 1993 Cadillac deville?

The blower motor fuse protects the blower motor electrical circuit. The blower motor relay operates only the high speed function of the blower motor. The blower motor speed resistor operates the lower speed functions of the blower motor.

Where is the high speed resister on my 2003 winstar blower motor?

It would have a high speed relay and it would be in the power distribution box under the hood. The blower speed resister is for the lower speeds only.

How do you fix heater fan when it stops working on a 1994 Chevy s10?

If you have no blower speeds at all, first check the fuse. If the fuse is okay I would suspect the blower speed switch and its electrical plug has melted. If the switch checks okay I would suspect the blower motor is bad. If you have high speed only, I would replace the blower motor speed resistor. If you have all lower blower speeds but no high speed, replace the high speed relay.

What is a high speed relay?

Blower motor control?

Why the Blower motor not work on high speed on a jimmy 97?

If the blower works on slower speeds only I would suspect the high speed blower motor relay (under the hood in the power distribution box) or the switch itself. The blower speed resistor is working if all the slower speeds work.

Is there a relay for the blower motor in a 1989 dynasty?

Only for the high speed. The lower speeds are controlled with the use of a blower motor speed resistor.

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