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Electric dryers typically are 220 volts and need a 30 amp, 2-pole circuit breaker. A 15 amp breaker would quickly trip if overloaded with a dryer. You may need a wiring upgrade (to 10 gauge) and a new 2-pole breaker for 30 Amps. You should also not be using two separate breakers for one 220 volt circuit; they should be either one unit or two that have their handles mechanically connected together. Hire an electrician.

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Q: Why would a new dryer on 2 15A breakers keep tripping one after 30 or 40 minutes?
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Why would a dryer in Canada run off of 2 single pole 15 A breakers without tripping and dry clothes perfectly?

My mistake. They are single pole 30 amp breakers. Probably should replace with a double pole. Sorry for any incovenience to this forum. d

How long do you have to sit under the dryer?

It depends on what kind of hair style you have as well as the type of dryer. I would guess 3-5 minutes.

When would you need to use westinghouse circuit breakers?

You need these types of circuit breakers when using 240 volt power rather than 120 volt. Large appliances such as a dryer require these larger circuit breakers. Other appliances such as stoves and some water heaters also require them.

What would cause a breaker to keep tripping?

A breaker will keep tripping until the fault that caused it to trip is corrected. That's what it is designed to do. There's either a circuit overload or a short circuit. How fast the breaker trips can indicate how overloaded it is. If you are very close to the rating of the breaker you can actually trip it over time. If you are definitely over the breaker will usually trip instantly. If there is a short circuit you can usually tell that by how violently the breaker trips. If you have conduit you can hear the wires banging around in the pipe. A frequently tripping breaker may also be faulty and need to be replaced - breakers are designed to fail by tripping prematurely rather than by not tripping at all, as this is much safer. This is very often the case for breakers that trip at seemingly random intervals, often when very little load is being drawn.

How would you be able to change the trip of a circuit breaker?

Small size home breakers have a fixed setting and can not be adjusted. Three phase moulded case breakers have adjustable trip settings on the load side of the breaker. These overloads can be set for motor inrush to stop the breaker from needless tripping and yet still protect the other equipment down stream from the breaker.

Would a bad millivolt thermopile allow the burner to light and the burner go out after several minutes?

I don't believe so. Most likely you are tripping a limit switch.

How do you convert from electric clothes dryer to gas clothes dryer?

The only practical way to do that would be to sell the electric clothes dryer and use the proceeds toward purchase of a gas dryer. Even if it was possible to convert the dryer the cost would be prohibitive versus a new dryer. If you mean converting the building, then you would need to have natural gas plumbing installed, and you would need an outlet that matches the voltage of the new dryer.

Why is your surge protector tripping?

If it is tripping with nothing plugged into it, it might be shot or look for a RESET button. If it does not have one, I would not use it any more.

Dryer turns but does not dry?

First thing I'd check is the fuse box. My dryer would sort of warm the clothes, but take forever to dry them. It turned out I had a weak circuit breaker. It would trip, but not vigorously enough to trip the counterpart that was connected to it. It looked like it was on, but it wasn't. Cycling the circuit breakers was good for a couple loads, then it would stop working again. I replaced the circuit breaker and never had another problem.

Will a dryer repair be cheaper than buying a new dryer?

In my opinion buying a new dryer would be cheaper because there is a lesser chance that it would break down on you as opposed to investing to fix a dryer that you know may not be reliable.

How do you thaw out frozen truck starter?

I used a heat gun. It only took 2-3 minutes. Hair dryer would likely work as well.

How are quad circuit breakers used?

This would typically be seen in older residential installations where the service was of such a high amperage that the mains required larger breakers than were available (for that panel). Placing two breakers in parallel allowing sharing of the load. Two breakers per (split) phase would total four breakers. Two breakers of 50 amp rating each (in parallel) provide (generally) 100 amps of protection. Two sets of two would provide mains protection for a 200 amp service.

What would happen if a 240V breaker was on and someone attempted to turn on the clothes dryer?

Don't understand this question. If the breaker is on, then the dryer would function normally, if the breaker your are referring to is the one for the dryer. If the breaker is off then no function. A dryer runs on 220.

Can you give your hamster dryer lint?

It would be best not to. Dryer lint is full of chemicals and soap, it just would not be safe.

Why would a clothes dryer make a lot of noise?

Because your dryer probably needs a belt.

Can you convert an electric dryer to a gas dryer?

I guess you technically could but it would be much, much cheaper to just buy a gas fired dryer.

What can you do if you're newly installed dryer keeps tripping the electrical panel repeatadly and it also trips the GFI in the Garage at the same time?

If the GFI that is tripping is a different circuit, there is electrical leakage between the circuit the GFI is controlling, and the dryer circuit. It is possible that there is some cross wiring in the electrical box. I would strongly recommend getting a licensed electrician to look at it, preferably before you have a fire. If the GFI is the same circuit as the one where the dryer is plugged in, you might want to have the dryer checked for leakage to ground. You should also check the dryer circuit's rating against the rating of the breaker in its circuit. A dryer typically takes 30A on usually a single two-gang breaker; if you have a larger dryer that pulls, say, 45A, a 30A breaker will always pop. It sounds to me like a bad electrician has, instead of buying a proper two-gang 30-A breaker, installed your dryer across two circuits, one being the garage GFI circuit; the dryer, because it pulls 220V, pulls an unbalanced load across the GFI and triggers it, and the other circuit breaker is triggered because it loses the extra power provided through the GFI. I cannot emphasize this enough: get this checked out and fixed. Now. Before you get a house fire.

How many of the new split breakers are allowed in a two hundred amp panel?

Sizing what goes into a 200 amp panel whether it be split breakers or normal size breakers is based on the amperage values expected under normal use of the devices connected to the panel. For example if you could look at a continuous curve of usage you would see it vary throughout the day. This is because under normal living conditions you use you lights and appliances at different time. If you started to trip the main 200 amp breaker and the other breakers weren't tripping then you would need to increase your service from power company and add a new main panel. So giving you a count isn't possible. You could call in an electrician to measure your usage or just add the breakers you need and see if the main breaker trips.

Can I add a circuit breaker wired in parrell to a current breaker to reduce the load on the breaker?

No, add new breaker,find a junction box and split the series, or add a box and split the load. You only need to do this if the breaker is tripping from overload. 12ga wire should have a 20amp breaker not a 15amp. If I understand your question,wired in parallel, this would be one hot connected to two breakers, first off two breakers is 220v not 120v , and 220v has two hot wires. Never connect two breakers together on one line.

Can you melt a CD with a hair dryer?

No, not hot enough. If a hair dryer was that hot it would ruin your hair.

What if your circuit breaker started tripping with no change of things plugged into an outlet Does this mean the circuit breaker needs to be replaced?

Circuit breakers can degrade over time but it would be better to get a competant electrician to do it. It might also mean you have too many things plugged into one outlet. Sometimes one circuit breaker may protect several outlets so it might be tripping because of a change in another outlet. ELECTRICTY IS DANGEROUS!!!! Don't do it yourself.

Electrician said that he would add 2 new circuits so that the breakers wouldn't trip. How do I know he actually did that if there wasn't any new circuit breakers installed in the panel?

He may have installed Tandem breakers. Tandem breakers allow you to fit 2 breakers into one standard breaker slot. They are slimmer in design to allow for this.

What is the difference between a dryer and a washer between washing dishes?

Simple: A washer would break them slowly, and a dryer would break them more quickly.

What does an Energy transfer diagram for a hair dryer look like?

it would look like that the air from the back comes in and goes in the hair dryer. the system of the hair dryer would heat the air. and come out as hot air.

Why does my fuel pump inertia switch keep tripping on my Sable?

If the switch is mounted securely and it keeps tripping during normal driving conditions I would suspect the switch is bad.