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Platinum is generally hypo-allergenic. However, some women report this allergy developing after becoming pregnant or giving birth. One woman saus that after she stopped breast feeding the rash became horrible. Hormones must play a factor. For other women, it's a rash that they get when exercising or sweating. Moisture may become trapped between your wedding band and finger.

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Q: Why would a platinum wedding ring cause a reaction on your finger?
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Why would a wedding ring finger swell?

A wedding ring might swell if it were injured. Arthritis or an infection might also cause swelling.

Will wearing a platinum engagement ring and a white 18k white gold wedding band cause problems as in will the metals eat each other over time?

A platinum ring will wear away the plating of a white gold ring if worn on the same finger because platinum is a stronger and more durable metal than white gold.

Why men not wear insignia of marriage?

The wedding ring or wedding band can be a hazard for some occupations such as mechanical engineering where the insignia can get caught and cause serious injury to the finger, to the extent that the finger is amputated. Another hazard is the metal of the ring can react with certain gases while welding, heat up and cause injury or react with chemicals and ruin the ring.

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Is it an allergic reaction when my husband's hand is swelling when he just got a Titanium wedding band and wore it and this morning his hand is swelling up?

Yes, this does sound like an allergic reaction or, the ring is too small and could be pinching causing loss of blood circulation (if finger becomes puffy and starts to go pale to blue.) The ring should come off immediately and he should wash his hands well and put on an antibiotic suave if he has any and should also see his doctor. Often people's body chemistry can cause this reaction even in Gold (turning the finger green even if real gold) or silver in some cases.

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If you have fresh semen on your finger and inserts it inside her vagina, yes then she can get pregnant.

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