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1. Unwind about 3 or 4 inches of thread from the bobbin. Insert wound bobbin

into bobbin case.

2. Pull trailing thread into the slot of case.

3. Pull thread to the left under the tension spring until thread enters into

delivery eye.

4. Holding bobbin case latch with the metal finer of case pointing up, fit

it into the notch at the top of the shuttle race.

5. Release latch and push case back making sure the case is in the

proper position. Close slide plate.

Note: The thread drawn out of the case is to be left hanging below the race.

Leave about 5-6 inches of thread hanging.

If this doesn't fix your problem, your machine (made by Brother) may need tuning because the needle isn't in the proper position as the hook comes around to catch the bobbin thread.

A repairman that can fix a Brother, Kenmore or Singer will be familiar with this machine.

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Q: Why would a sewing machine fail to pick up the bobbin thread?
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Where on the sewing machine would you find the bobin?

in the bobbin case compartment

What is a bobbin winder?

A "bobbin" is a spool onto which yarn or thread can be would so that it can be place in a machine and deliver the yarn/thread as needed to make or sew a fabric. A "bobbin winder" is the machine used to load the yarn or thread onto the bobbin spool. (Bobbins can be reused many many times).

What type of sewing machine thread would be appropriate for sewing silk?

a silk thread would be perfect or an ordinary cotton will do

What would cause the needle on a sewing machine to not move?

It could be the thread is jammed together underneath, where the bobbin is housed. Depending on the machine, although most have a way of getting into the bobbin bit, lift up and have a look. Cut your threads and start again. Your tension may be set wrong.

What would I need to operate a sewing machine?

To operate a sewing machine, you will need a place to set the machine up, thread, bobbins and a needle for your machine and fabric type.

Why when sewing an x on squares does it pucker?

If your fabric is puckering, you need to check your thread tension and adjust as needed until you have flat stitching. Another solution would be to completely untread and rethread your machine and rewind the bobbin using a medium speed for the thread loading.

What are machine sewing needles?

Sewing machine needles are needles designed for stitching with a mechanical device. The hole for the thread is in the point of the needles rather than at the back. This is because the back of the sewing machine needle fits into a slot where a hand needle would have the hole for the thread.

How do you thread a singer model 2638 sewing machine?

can you sew leather with this machine and what settings of tension would you use?

What size bobbin do you use for Kenmore sewing machine model 1941?

Have the instruction book but does not mention so I have the machine and I would say same size as the singer but are metal OK ( bobbin ) Most Kenmore sewing machines (including this one) take class 15 bobbins which you can find at Joann's, Walmart, and most places that deal in sewing machines. They come in either plastic or metal.

Why would a sewing machine not pick up the bobbin thread?

AnswerThere is one fact that gets overlooked often. Make certain that your bobbins are the exact ones recommended for your machine. Many look similiar, but if they are off even slightly in depth, they will not work. Also, make certain your bobbin in locked into position in it's case and the thread is coming from the bobbin in the correct direction. When holding my metal bobbin in my hand, the thread pulls counter clockwise before placing it into my front loading bobbin case. Each machine is different so check your manual. You can also check that your presser plate is in correctly and without burrs. Good luck and I hope this works.Additional InfoThere are several reasons why this would happen. In order of probability: - You are not holding the thread tails when starting a seam - The needle is not properly installed in the needlebar - The machine is not threaded properly - The machine needs adjustment or repair--Check that your needle is not installed backwards. On my Singer the full-length groove (not the short partial groove) has to face you.---Check needle is not bent.---Check to make certain that the bobbin you are using is the correct one for your machine and that it is set in the case correctly.

Which embroidery thread is suitable for Brother sewing machines?

The embroidery thread suitable for a Brother sewing machine would be the recommended Brother brand thread. However, there are plenty of other low cost brands which will work just fine with these machines.

Where do you find a large spool holder and bobbins for a EuroPro 9106?

Sorry, I have no idea where you are, to suggest any place for you. But there are times when I need to hold a large 'cone' of thread at my sewing machine. Put the cone of thread in a large container, and running the thread through the 'eye' of a safety pin ( that you would tape to the sewing machine ) and run the thread past the stem where a spool of thread would normally sit, then thread the machine as usual. It works very well. I hope this is helpful for you.

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