Why would a sewing machine fail to pick up the bobbin thread?

1. Unwind about 3 or 4 inches of thread from the bobbin. Insert wound bobbin

into bobbin case.

2. Pull trailing thread into the slot of case.

3. Pull thread to the left under the tension spring until thread enters into

delivery eye.

4. Holding bobbin case latch with the metal finer of case pointing up, fit

it into the notch at the top of the shuttle race.

5. Release latch and push case back making sure the case is in the

proper position. Close slide plate.

Note: The thread drawn out of the case is to be left hanging below the race.

Leave about 5-6 inches of thread hanging.

If this doesn't fix your problem, your machine (made by Brother) may need tuning because the needle isn't in the proper position as the hook comes around to catch the bobbin thread.

A repairman that can fix a Brother, Kenmore or Singer will be familiar with this machine.