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Because world wide demand would still continue and demand or even the percieved demand is what controls the market.

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What happens to prices when there is a shortage in the market?

The price goes up if the demand is high

How does a surplus or a shortage of a good or service affect the market price?

A surplus or a shortage of a good or service affects the market price directly. When there is a surplus, the prices goes down and when there is a shortage the price increases due to the demand levels.

How does the price system in a free market economy react to shortage of commodity?

Higher prices

How does a price ceiling undermine the rationing function of market-determined prices?

A price ceiling will undermine the rationing function of market-determined prices by creating a shortage. This is a price which is below equilibrium which will lead to more demand that supply that will cause a shortage.

What happens when demand is greater than supply?

When demand is greater than supply a supply shortage or scarcity arises and prices increase.

What is a main factor driving prices for good and services upward?

The increase of demand and the shortage of supplies or service.

Why prices of gold increase or decrease in the market?

Because pickles

What can happen to prices in a competitive market when demand increases as supply remains the same?

increase in prices

What is meant with stock market prices in finances?

Stock market prices are constantly changing. To find out more information about current stock market prices I suggest you go to market where you will find the information you are looking for.

How did the market determine the price and the quantities supplied and demanded?

it depends upon the demand of the people.... if demand of a particular commodity increases then the supply will automatically increase and in case of shortage, the suppliers would raise the prices of that specific good.

When disaster strikes what happens to prices?

Prices increase because things have been destroyed and there are not as many of them as before on the market.

What reasons would a retail manager have for marking prices higher?

Increase profit, keep pace with market prices

Chicago Quantity Theory Of Money?

This theory holds that money has a directly proportional relationship with the price level in the current market; that more money circulating would increase prices.

Where can one check the average stock market prices?

Various websites including Google, Yahoo and CNN have information about the current stock market prices. Previous prices and trends are also available to view.

Why the law of demand can only apply in a free market economy?

demand refers to need for a resource. the law of demand states that an increase in demand will result in an increase in price, ceteris paribus. in a free market economy, sellers are free to increase prices when demand increases. in a closed economy prices are controlled by government. an increase or decrease in demand doesn't affect prices.

What term best describes an increase in the general market prices of goods and services?


When will current stamp prices increase?

The price of stamps went to $.42 this past Monday.

What role did agriculture play in starting the French Revolution?

Two bad crop years caused a shortage of grain and an increase in bread prices and taxation.

What is the Monopoly market?

It is when only one company controls the supply in the market allowing them to control prices which may cause an increase prices for consumers. They will be forced to pay higher prices as there are no substitutes for the product. An example would be Microsoft operating in Europe.

What is change in increase in demand?

Expectations of price change a news report predicting higher prices in in the future can increase the current demand as customers increase the quantity

Where can a list of stock market prices be found?

A list of current stock market prices can be found through trade sites as well as the New York Stock Exchange site. Prices are always fluctuating so it is best to check often.

Definition of producer surplus?

the utility to a producer from living in a market where a greater quantity will be supplied when prices increase

I am interested in the top companies that can provide me with current stock prices? specializes in buyings and selling stocks. They are connected with several resources who all specialize in keeping track of the stock market and current prices.

In the definition of GDP the words total market value refer to total?

dollar value at current prices

Shortage gaming and the supply chain?

Shortage gaming is the unethical practice of limiting production to force higher prices.