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The speedometer and odometer are electrically operated. There is no mechanical connection to the drivetrain. If there is no power, they don't work.

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Q: Why would a speedometer and odometer on a 1997 F150 stop working after the truck suddenly lost power?
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What could cause the power steering AND odometer to stop working simultaneously on a 1993 Nissan 300ZX?

93 Nissan 300ZX P. Steering/odometerThe odometer stopped but the speedometer still works? I have to belive these are two different problems. There just shouldn't be any connection between the two. Treat it as such. Look at the power steering first. Is the belt intact and tight? Fluid full? Digital readout on odometer or mechanical? If mechanical, and the speedometer still works, then it is just the odometer that's bad. Direct connection speedometer to odometer, with no connection to the power steering as far as I know, and no reason for there to be. Even if digital, the power steering is simply a pump and some hoses with no need for anything electrical. There is no reason for the two to be connected.

A 95 Monte Carlo suddenly lost power then the speedometer and 1st gear went out. the transy has been replaced but now its not shifting correctly and the speedometer still isn't working?

Check the Tourqe Converter fuse, in the fuse box under the hood.(At least that that's where it is on a 96.)

How do you disconnect the odometer on a 2004 Toyota Tundra?

The odometer is electronic, there is a plug in on the back of the speedometer, however the plugin for the odometer also may power other controls, so this may not be a good idea. I dont know why your trying to stop the odometer but your out of luck the computer keeps track of your information your odometer is just a read out like a monitor

What does it mean when your speedometer odometer dome light lost all power at the same time Also overdrive off light is flashing Ford F150?

You're screwed

How can you repair a power seat in a 1996 Chevy Blazer that suddenly stopped working?

my Chevy blazer power seat on my 1996 Chevy blazer isn't working

Does changing the tire height affect anything?

It will effect the accuracy of the speedometer and odometer, effect the transmission shift points, effect the fuel mileage, effect the brake horse power,

What would cause the speedometer gage and the RPM gage to quit working at the same time on a 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan?

Probably a power spike, often when a Caravan is "jumped". Try pushing the odometer/trip odometer button for 4-8 seconds. When it starts running a diagnostic test the speedometer should start jumping around and then reset itself. If it doesn't last, you may have a bad circuit. If a 100.??? comes up, you have problem of some type, maybe related-maybe not.

Why is my power windows and odometer are off no power?

no power on the power windows switch

Instrument cluster for a 1998 Dodge Neon no power on speedometer odometer oil fuel.?

buy a new instrument cluster or check the wires in back my car had that problem and it was a loose connection to the back of the panel

Your husband just fixed your Mazda Truck The speedometer odometer wasn't working and it wasn't going in Drive The speed sensor in the rearend needed to be replaced The part cost 23 at Ford?

I got the same issue a while ago. the sensor in the back is the ABS speed sensor (so ABS know how much power to send to the breaks). The cost is around 23$. once is fixed speedometer should work.

Does a digital odometer have an internal power source?

no, it runs when the car does.

Where is the speed sensor located on a 92 Ford F-150?

my 1992 ford f150 p/u 5.0 2 wd. the speedometer/odometer, power mirrors, radio, dome lights stopped working the truck runs fine, but the transmission shifts hard going from 1st. to 2nd and very going back down! all happened at the same time

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