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A vagina will only have a foul odor if a person needs to bathe, if there is a temporary imbalance in vaginal flora/pH, or if the person has a vaginal infection such as Bacterial Vaginosis. The vagina naturally contains a range of bacteria, an acidic pH helps to allow healthy bacteria to thrive while killing harmful bacteria. If pH is thrown off, such as due to menstruation or soaps getting into the genitals, this can cause a temporary imbalance in vaginal flora and if the balance isn't restored it can develop into an infection. If you have a bad vaginal odor it's best to see your doctor for diagnosis.

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Q: Why would a vagina have a foul odor?
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Did urinary tract infection also have foul odor and how could this be cured?

A UTI can cause a foul odor; and antibiotics will cure the infection.

Is there an odor associated with genital herpes?

Yes. there is a odor to Herpes. It's a vey foul odor.

What is a foul odor?

Foul = Bad Oder = Smell

What causes a foul smell in the armpit?

Body odor is primarily caused by growing bacteria underneath the arm. This bacteria sometimes produces a foul odor.

Why does vajina smell like fish?

Should not have a strong fishy odor. The flora balance in the VAGINA changes throughout the monthly cycle, and After intercourse can create a stronger smell. But if you are having very foul fishy smell See your doctor! STD's can cause foul discharge. Also look up "BV", very common, not an STD but can cause fishy odor.

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Does female ejaculation have a foul odor?


Why do I have alot of brown vaginal pus cells with a foul odor?

If anything comes out of the vagina that's not a clear liquid, you should consult a doctor because that is a sign of a STD (Sexualy Transmited Disease)

Is there a foul smelling odor when you have a UTI?

Some of the bacteria that cause UTI can cause a foul odor to the urine. In addition, trichomoniasis, a sexually transmissible infection, can cause both UTI symptoms and a foul odor. Talk with your health care provider about appropriate testing and treatment to find the cause of your symptoms.

What causes fishy vaginal odor?

The vagina should have its own particular odor, but it shouldn't be unpleasant or fishy. If there is a fishy odor coming from the vagina, it is likely a condition called bacterial vaginosis, though there are a few other possibilities like trichomonas. If you are experiencing a fishy odor from the vagina you need to see your doctor to get it evaluated and treated.

Is it OK to have an odor or foul smell after a cone biopsy?

No, a foul odor is a sign of infection along with increased pain, swelling, redness or temp. Contact your doctor right away.

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What could be the cause of foul odor nasal breath?

by a dog

How do you get rid of odor from vagina?

vinegar and water

What is a vagina meant to smell like?

It is not "meant" to smell like anything. A foul smelling vagina means an unclean/infected vagina.

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Hagonoy, with scientific name, Chromolaena Odorata, in known to reduce or remove foul odor in swine feces. This is due to its fermentable carbohydrates and vitro digestibility.

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What std causes vaginal odor?

Trichomoniasis is an STD that can cause foul vaginal odor. Yeast infections and Bacterial Vaginosis can cause odor, but these are vaginal infections that are not sexually transmitted.

Why do you have a fishy odor in your vagina after sex and what should you do?

get a wash

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