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It might be a leak or hole in vacuum hose. As you increase RPM by pushing the gas pedal, pressure builds in the hoses making a whistling sound (e.g., 65 mph, high idle). High pressure goes down when you release, and the sound goes away. Have someone hold the idle high so you can locate the leak. Also many high flow air intake systems and some stock air intakes make a whistling noise at higher engine speeds. This can be checked by slightly reving the engine while someone listens to the air intake. P.S. Check the breather hose to the PCV valve and the PCV valve itself. Is it stuck? does your engine have a turbo? a turbo working properly , whisltes. if no turbo, you have an air leak, most likely in intake manifold

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βˆ™ 2007-03-04 14:20:09
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Q: Why would a vehicle whistle at high RPMs?
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