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Why would a veterinarian be a good career?

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Veterinarians are accorded a great deal of respect and community standing. They have the opportunity to make a difference in hundreds of people's lives and can greatly improve the lives and happiness of thousands of animals. Most veterinarians make a comfortable living, although relatively few ever feel "rich" in money. You become an integral and vital part of the community in which you live and work. If you ever get bored with your current position, you can always find another aspect of veterinary medicine to get into and be fired up about.

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What is a career working with animals?

A good career working with animals would be a zoologist, a zookeeper, or any kind of profession that has to do with the care of animals (veterinarian).

What career field would a veterinarian be in?

Veterinarians are medical/science/biology careers.

What subject would veterinarian be under?

The career of veterinary medicine is classified with medical professions.

Is a veterinarian a biology related career?

Yes, a veterinarian is a highly trained biologist.

What is a career that begins with V?

A Veterinarian.

What is the highest paying animal career?

A veterinarian is the highest paying animal career.

What animal career gets paid the most?


Should you become a veterinarian?

I did become a veterinarian, so for me the answer would be yes. However, this is a tough question to answer - every veterinarian has a different career path and a different passion within the profession. In general, liking or loving animals and wanting to help them is not enough - you also need a scientific mindset, good self-management skills and a desire to solve problems and be the one in charge.

Would being able to speak a second language help being a veterinarian?

Yes. A second language would benefit almost any career.

What would be a good career for magnesium?

Magnesium is an element and can't have a career.

Why would you want to be a vetrinaran?

You would want to be a Veterinarian to help animals. It pays good as well..

What would the dream job be for someone who loves animals and is good with science?

A veterinarian.

What is a good career for someone who loves science math and psychology?

A good career would probably be a Scientist!!

How long do people usually stay as a veterinarian?

People that become a veterinarian usually stay one their entire career. Becoming a veterinarian is not easy. It takes a lot of work and education.

What are some adjectives that describe a veterinarian and begin with the letter G?

A veterinarian is gentle. A veterinarian is good.

Does veterinarian fall under a career cluster?

A career cluster is an artificial construct designed to group like careers together to help people explore all their options given a specific set of skills and interests. A veterinarian would be classified in the medical science cluster along with physicians and dentists.

How much money does a veterinarian earn in Oklahoma?

The average salary for a veterinarian in the United States is ~US$90,000; a veterinarian in Oklahoma would make close to this with experience, a good clinic and an established client base.

To become a veterinarian would biology be a good class to take in high school?


How much money does a veterinarian earn in Ohio?

The average annual salary for a veterinarian in the United States is ~$90,000; a veterinarian in Ohio would probably be close to this amount with experience, a good clinic and an established client base.

How is science used in a veterinary career?

A veterinarian is a medical scientist, and practically everything a veterinarian does throughout his career is related to science. To examine and diagnose an animal, a veterinarian uses biology (zoology, comparative anatomy), pathology, microbiology, pharmacology, immunology and biochemistry. Surgery focuses on immunology and anatomy primarily.

How much money does a veterinarian earn in Arkansas?

The average annual salary for a veterinarian in the United States is ~$90,000; a veterinarian working in Arkansas would probably be on the lower end of this with experience, a good clinic and an established client base.

What are the daily requirements of a veterinarian?

This will vary depending upon the type of career the veterinarian has. For a private practice small animal veterinarian, on a daily basis he/she will be examining patients, talking with clients and possibly performing surgery.

Why would your puppy be foaming at the mouth and vomiting?

veterinarian... veterinarian... IMMEDIATELY.

Is it a necessity for a veterinarian to perform surgery during their career?

No you can go into the medicine or research careers :)

What career cluster is a veterinarian under?

Veterinary medicine is classified as a health and science profession.

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