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A -dim- "hot/neutral reversed" indication means that there is -some- voltage, but less than 120V, on the neutral line, referenced to the safety ground. Ideally, the ground and neutral should be at the -same- potential, but a loose neutral connection "upstream" of this outlet will cause measurable voltage between ground and neutral. No need to swap any wires; just tighten neutral connections at all points (including outlets AND breaker panel) on the same circuit as this outlet. My guess is that whoever pulled the wire swapped the white/black wires from the point prior. Trace back the wire to the previous outlet and check the hook up. Try to swap your white/black line on the outlet and retest. If it checks ok, then the wire have been swapped from the previous point.

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Q: Why would a wall outlet give a dim indication on a tester of hot-neutral reversed when everything appears to be wired correctly in the outlets?
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