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She is using you to make herself feel better. If she really loved you she wouldn't be with someone else. She wouldn't make you question the situation. Futhermore, You obviously lack self-esteem and she manipulates you. Ask yourself this do deserve someone only 2x's a YEAR? Do you not deserve a healthy,full-filling, companion who will love you every day in front of everyone?


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Sorry to tell you, but sounds to me the your ex is a jerk since he just CAN"T sleep with another woman and tells you he loves you. If you still have any feelings for him, my best advice is to get rid of them because it isn't fair to you and to the other woman. I mean if he still loves you, then why does he sleep with another woman, its just wrong, and to tell you, i hate men/boys telling you they love you, but doesn't actually show you that he loves you or has someone else. I know that (if you still have any feelings for him) its not easy getting rid of feelings for somebody, but just remember that no one can love someone if they're sleeping with someone else, it just means that they're a two-timer and a jerk.

if there still playing with you n if they still call you n flirts with you

You know that someone still loves you because they are constantly worrying about you. Also, they want to know what your doing every day. And you will just know because it will tell you in your heart.

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you know when someone loves you becase they show you they love you they treat you equel to them not lower they make you feel happy when your around them

If someone loves you all they want to do is be around you and talk to you constantly. They will do anything to make you happy.

why can love someone even if you are not with them. It is very possible. I have a friend that loves this guy very much but they are not together..but she still loves him. So yes i believe you can.

Yes, her husband Rene. She still loves him.

yes because why stay with someone who love some one else and rather stay with someone who loves you.

No, he is mean because he is a jerk! A person who loves someone does not make their partner sad or unhappy.

insomniac and dormilon insomniac = someone that cant sleep at night dormilon= someone that sleeps way too much and is still tired (:

Being in relationships with others does not prevent someone from being a parent. Prepare to be a single mom and meet someone who loves you the way you deserve. If he loves his ex it's tough for him because he can not have her but he should only be with you if he loves you, not because he can't have her.

He probably still likes you but he has found someone that he loves even more.

When you don't sleep with a guy, but he still finds you attractive then he's a gentleman; honorable and loves you and is willing to wait until you are willing to sleep with him. He sounds like a keeper.

if you do not know that your girlfriend loves you, you should try asking her if she love you or you should ask her if she likes someone else

umif i was u i wopuld ask him or have someone ask him for u

It's when someone loves someone who does not have the same feelings for them but they are still in a relationship. Or current state of labeled love.

I think you'll know if someone loves you. If your husband doesnt contact you or anything, it means he wants to forget you. Therefore you will never know if he still loves you. If he is trying to forget you, you should do the same.

If you don't want to lose someone who loves you, but you don't love them you should be honest about your feelings. You can still have someone in your life without being in love with them.

he does not like elephants. well really he hate them. But he still loves animals

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