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, I had the same "no bus" all gauges dead on my 2000 ram 1500. after looking at all the different answer posted I tried all of them and the one that worked. Was disconnecting the main plug held down by a screw in the fuse box on the engine compartment. I disconnected, blew the plug and the connect with compressed air, plug it back in tighten the screw and my truck is fine again. Everyhing works as it should. thxMy father in law just had this problem and discovered, with the help of our local mechanic, that there was a short (or a loose connection) in the steering column, possibly caused by the fact that my father in law adjusts the steering wheel every time he gets in or out of the truck. The wires in the steering column are bound quite tightly, and do not allow for the vertical movement of the steering column. Total cost of the repair was $60 cdn. and a case of beer.

your computer is dead.

a "bus" is what the main information transfer lines in a computer are called.

"no bus" means no information transfer.

that one is gonna be SPENDY. most likely a couple thousand dollars.

This does not have to be a computer problem. This can also indicate a loose fuse or a simple bad connection. The bus is simply the ground for the electrical devices in the vehicle. It's a fundamental rule: go for the simple stuff before you spend a pot of money on the complex.

Had a similar problem and the parking brake was the problem and needed adj-. A simple nudge until hearing the parking brake "click" was a quick temporary fix. Only difference was my truck would not start until this was done.

Make this simple for everyone NO BUS gauges not working is a AGGREGATING ASS PROBLEM. However when you fix it you'll kick your self for how easy it was and wont cost you but maybe 5.00. heres the basic your main fuse panel under the hood has a screw in it with a huge contact. that contact has gone bad/ dirty take out the screw blow out the contact with compressed air pack it with electrical grease put it back in put the screw in TIGHT HAND ONLY and watch all your gauges come back to life. I got a great mech here where i live and after 2 diff dealerships telling me buy a new cluster i knew someone was full of it. then one said my brain was dead . MINI NEWS FLASH IF YOUR BRAIN IN YOUR TRUCK IS DEAD YOUR TRUCK WILL NOT START! again very simple 30 mins fix had this problem off n on for 6 years in my 99 ram which i still have and drive on weekends mine is 1999 V-6 with a super chip i take out to joy ride. do what i said above an your problem will be solved. i haven't had another issue with mine in over 2 years and have gone about 14000 miles without gauges failing

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98 Dodge Intrepid has no bus in odometer and no gauges?

Possible Body Control Module internal failure..

What does warning lights on dash mean dodge charger?

The warning light on the dash of a Dodge Charger could mean different things. It would depend on the year of the Dodge Charger for starters. There are also multiple warning lights. It is recommended to check the owners manual or have it checked my a mechanic.

What do the dashboard warning lights mean in a dodge Dakota?

There are many types of warning lights on the Dodge Dakota. In order to know what a specific light means we need to know which light it is and what year the Dakota is. 2000

What do warning lites mean on gearshift lever Dodge Grand Caravan 1995?

There are no warning lights on the gear shift lever.

What would cause the odometer light to stay on after you shut off the car on a 97 dodge stratus?

The odometer light will stay on if the headlights are on a 1997 Dodge Status. Be sure to click the lights off even after shutting the vehicle off.

Where is the fuse for the dash lights and gauges on a dodge caravan 2001?

In the fuse box under dash, left of steering column.

What does warning lights on Dodge Durango means?

door open light is on, locks and mirrors will not work

1998 Dodge Caravan The windshield wipers Head lights Tail lights and Gauges don't work Can someone help me with this problem?

It is possible it is the body control module, I had the same problem except my brake lights worked.

1997 Dodge Stratus odometer cable located?

The odometer is electric, no cable.

Why would your 1999 dodge ram 1500 die while driving with no warning and then when trying to restart it all the gauges come on and the odometer say no bus?

I have a 99 Dodge Ram 1500 5.2 4x4 and it was stalling for no apparent reason, I finally gave up and changed out the ecu (the computer). If your having the same issue a quick fix is to turn your ignition off, then back on and leave it on, disconnect the wiring harness from the ecu unit, then plug them back in.(The ecu unit is on the passenger side firewall under the hood). You will see your gauges come back on. If the gauges are not on, you have to redo the process. JWFryer

Where is the odometer located on dodge stratus?

I have a 2001 Dodge Stratus Coupe V6 and mine is a digital odometer located right under the speedometer.

What does check gauges mean on a Dodge van?

It means that one or more of the gauges is out of the safe zone.

Heat quits working on my 1998 Dodge Intrepid all dash lights are on?

If all the dash warning lights are illuminated, you probably have more problems than not getting any heat. The only time all the warning lights come on at once is just before starting the engine, as a lamp check.

2003 dodge ram 1500 no bus warning in the odometer reading. what does it mean?

It means that there is a failure in the communication system between the computers on your truck, you will need to have it diagnosed with a scan tool.

What do the different warning lights on a dodge neon mean?

the only one i know is if the P symbol in red is on ur parking break is on, or if the P and ! symbol in red is on its ur break fluid. other sensors might also be wired to these warning lights aswell.

What would cause all Gauges and tachometer to fluctuate and warning lights to slowly brighten and then dim during driving while all fluid levels are normal on a 2000 DODGE NEON?

Could likely be a dying battery or bad alternator. I would have your battery checked out. This just happened to me and turned out that my battery was bad.

Where is the odometer fuse on a dodge caliber?

There is not an individual fuse for the odometer. It is powered by the same fuses that powers the entire cluster.

Does a dodge 2005 truck 3500 have a 5 or 6 digit odometer?

The odometer can show up to 999,999 miles

How do you reset odometer on 2011 dodge ram?

You can not reset the odometer. The trip meter can be reset by holding down the button.

Your abs light stays on dodge Dakota 1993?

It is important to pay attention to the warning lights in a vehicle. The ABS lights stay on because there is an problem that has not been fixed within that ABS system.

Where is odometer fuse for a 2001 Dodge Caravan Sport?

There is no fuse for the odometer on any car. The odometer (digital) is driven off a circuit board that is part of the instrument panel.

How do you test diagnostic codes on a Dodge Chrysler or Jeep vehicle?

Here is a great place to Do simple diagnostic test with your key and dash lights / odometer. http://www.allpar.com/fix/codes.html

What should you do when your 1998 Dodge Ram gauges don't work?

my 1998 doge ram van, all my gauges are not working

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