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There are a few things that could be the problem. If you notice that other electrical appliances are not working properly, I would check to make sure that the incoming neutral wire in the main electrical panel is tight. A loose neutral connection can cause this phenomenon.

If everything looks OK, I would check the wiring to the lights. Sometimes older buildings have a wire size that is a little too small. This is usually just a symptom of an older swelling wired to accomodate only a few items (one or two lights, a few kitchen appliances, and the occasional vacuum cleaner) now having to pull a LOT more load (computer, tv, HVAC, etc). This can be remedied with a rewiring job (not too cost effective unless a total remodel is planned and this can be thrown in with it).

Finally, if none of these are the cause, I would take a look around at the electric utility serving your building. If there are any large foundries in the area, their melting processes can be causing a phenomenon known as voltage flicker at your facility. Call your local utility representative and discuss the situation with them if this is the case. They might be able to attach some load monitoring equipment to verify whether or noth this is causing the problem. .

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Q: Why would all the lights flicker in an apartment not just when an appliance is turned on but constantly?
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