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maybe a bad cam orn lobs on cams can cause that

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Why does your 2002 Mitsubishi Galant stutter after replacing the spark plugs?

make sure the gapping on the plug is correct to what the vehicle needs

How can you use the word stutter in a sentence?

u can usethe word stutter in a snetence like this: i stutter a lot when speaking.

Are you a stutterer if you stutter only when you are panic?

You would not be considered a stutterer if you only stutter at certain times. Those who stutter all of the time do stutter worse in highly emotional situations.

How can the word stutter be used in a sentence?

Do not make fun or ridicule people who stutter

Do more boys stutter than girls?

No girls stutter less than girls

When was Stutter - album - created?

Stutter - album - was created in 1986-06.

What are the release dates for Stutter - 2007?

Stutter - 2007 was released on: USA: February 2007

When was Stutter - Joe song - created?

Stutter - Joe song - was created in 2000.

Do foreign people stutter?

Yes, there are people who stutter all over the world. According to the Stuttering Foundation of America, some people who are bilingual only stutter in one language.

Does Tom Felton stutter?

Yes, Thomas Felton did have a stutter. He had a speech impediment which caused him to have it.

What is slight stutter?

People refer to someone with a slight stutter as one who doesn't stutter very often in a short period of time. People who stutter on most of their words and who have "blocks" are severe stutterers. The nonprofit Stuttering Foundation of America is your best source for information and help for stuttering.

Why would your 2002 explorer idle roughly trip the check engine light and stutter on acceleration - after replacing the worn spark plugs and wires?

You may have put a wire on wrong. In other words, you need to make sure that each wire goes to the proper plug from the proper position from the distributor cap. If you get just one out of sequence, the spark plug will not fire properly and it will run poorly.

What actors and actresses appeared in Stutter - 2012?

The cast of Stutter - 2012 includes: Paolo Bitanga as Guy

What actors and actresses appeared in Stutter - 2013?

The cast of Stutter - 2013 includes: Joette Waters as Kris

What are the release dates for Stutter - 2012?

Stutter - 2012 was released on: USA: 8 October 2012 (internet)

When was Stutter - Elastica song - created?

Stutter - Elastica song - was created on 1993-11-01.

What makes a car stutter?

Bad fuel injectors, low fuel pressure, improperly set idle speeds, dirty throttle bodies, stuck EGR valve, vacuum leaks and bad O2 sensors for starters....

What is the adverb phrase to He spoke with a stutter?

"With a stutter" as it tells how he spoke and modifies the verb "spoke." An adverb phrase modifies a verb, adjective, or another adverb. An adverb tells how, when, or where about a verb. "Stutter" tells how about the verb "spoke."

Why does Chevy cavalier engine studders?

Please ask this question again specifying the year of cavalier and the engine. Also, are there words that seem to make it stutter more than other words? Do you have one of these engines? 2.8L 2.5L 2.2L OHV 2.2L Ecotec 2.2L Quad4 SOHC 2.4L Quad4 DOHC Have you had a tune-up lately?

What does did the cat get your tongue?

When you stutter and it is a metaphor for that.

Can you develop a stutter?

Yes, you can have the tendency to stutter and it appear when you are under much stress, very tired, or have an extreme emotion like anger.

Did Marilyn Monroe stutter?

Yes, Marilyn suffered from a stutter from a young age and claimed that it would reappear if she was extremely nervous later in life.

Does Justin Bieber stutter?

no offense but what kind of question is that? uhm , no he does not stutter. you might think that because when he's on tv or something or other, he tends to get nervous like for example at the oscars, when he was with ke$ha, he messed up but he didnt stutter. hope this helped :)

What career helps a patient to overcome a stuttering problem?

Many people who stutter become speech therapists so they can help others who stutter. Check out the Stuttering Foundation of America and see the list of famous people who stutter that went into various occupations.

Why do people stutter?

It is genetic in some families.

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