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i recently had this poblem with a 90 that i had just bought and it ended up being that the firing order was wrong.

2007-07-06 10:50:28
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What causes a popping noise from the front end while backing up when weather is cold?

One cause of a popping noise from the front end while backing up in cold weather is the drive shaft. A mechanic can help find the problem.

Why will my 95 beretta not start when weather is 30 or lower it back fires coughs and chokes In warm weather it starts right up?

there is a problem with the automatic choke

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roughly 76% of the world's population of penguins live in what is considered to be warm weather.

Wind velocity may be roughly indicated by?

spacing of isobars on a weather map

What is the weather like in July in Trinidad?

It is roughly 74~87 ºF and 23~30.5 ºC.

What would cause a popping noise from the intake manifold area on a 1996 Honda accord?

A leaking manifold seal on the intake will cause a popping noise on the 1996 Honda Accord. This can heard most clearly on days when the weather is cold because the seals tend to shrink.

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Roughly, 11 hours. Depends on the aircraft and weather.

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Roughly half of a year while utilizing the months with the best weather.

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Roughly three hours, leaving room for weather conditions.

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How long does it take for mail to arrive in Jackson TN from Memphis TN?

Roughly 1 and a half days... depending on the weather

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I'm told: clear still weather, a popping feeling in your eardrums and a strange colour in the daylight from the surrounding tall clouds. Get back under shelter.

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How long is the drive from chico California to portland Oregon?

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How often do white tailed deer eat?

Deer are slaves to their stomachs. They eat roughly every 6 hours, but weather can override that

How do you repair a broken exterior door handle on a 1995 Chevy Beretta?

You must take the entire black housing out. The screws are located underneath the trim panel on the inside of the door. A lot of the handles break in cold weather. you can buy replacement handles at this website

How much of the moons surface can be seen from the earths surface when full?

The Moon is roughly spherical; weather permitting, we see the near half of the Moon.

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Weather forecasting is based on past observations, and (more recently) computer simulations to predict how the weather will change over the next few days. For example, previous records over a number of years, might say that June has been hot & dry. Therefore, it's highly likely this coming June is going to be roughly the same.

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The weather for the cantonment should be roughly the same as nearby Islamabad, or Taxila, except in the higher elevations. Islamabad is also slightly cooler and more humid due to its nearby reservoirs. (see the related link)

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There are no permanent settlements because the weather is to harsh. 4000 visit Antarctica in the Summer and roughly 1000 in the winter. Hope this helps!

What are characteristics about the troposphere?

The troposphere is the layer that is responsible for all the weather on earth. It contains roughly 80% of the earth's mass, and almost 100 percent of all the water vapor.