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It Will allow you to have it, but not battle with it because It was hacked in..... Because you have to win

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โˆ™ 2008-11-12 00:18:16
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Q: Why would an Action Replay not let you trade or battle with Deoxys on Pokemon XD?
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Is there such Pokemon as Jiroxy that is created when you breed Jirachi and Deoxys?

No. It is fake [although there is an Action Replay code to get it, but when you go in the battle screen it will appear as Deoxys or Jirachi (50/50 Chance)].

Is there a Pokemon called Jiroxy?

There is no Pokemon called Jiroxy, it is a rumor that when you breed Jirachi and Deoxys a Pokemon named Jiroxy will hatch but that's not true. although there is an Action Replay code to get it, but when you go in the battle screen it will appear as Deoxys or Jirachi (50/50 Chance)

What is the action replay code to use items in battle tower for Pokemon diamond?

use a action replay

How do you get all three starter Pokemon in soulsilver with an action replay?

If you have Action Replay then select in battle moves. Activate can catch trainer Pokemon. Then just battle a trainer that has the Pokemon you want and steal them.

What action replay lets you battle arceus in the wild on soulsilver?

the Pokemon modifier for action replay ds or dsi

How do you battle deoxys in Pokemon Platinum?

. you cannot battle deoxys in platanium

What if your Pokemon will not get hurt in battle cheat code for Pokemon pearl?

You need to get action replay.

How do you battle profoak on Pokemon FireRed?

You can NOT battle Professor Oak in Pokemon FireRed Version, even with an Action Replay

How do you get past the Galactic Grunts in Pokemon Platinum with no action replay?

Battle them.

Is there an action replay code in Pokemon soul silver that will teleport you to the Battle Frontier?


How do you get a gulpin Pokemon SoulSilver?

You have to get an action replay and battle one of the elite four

How do you use the Action Replay on Pokemon Battle Revolution?

u can not as battle rev. calls it a bad egg

Is there a Action Replay code in Pokemon White that lets you use banned Pokemon in the battle subway?


Can you battle Deoxys in Pokemon Diamond?


How do you get azure flute on action replay?

to get the azure flute you have to either buy an action replay and get the code for it or get it off of the wii game Pokemon battle revolution.

Is there a way to use any Pokemon in the WiFi connection for Pokemon Battle Revolution without and action replay?

Like What You Said: Without Action Replay Do not hack or else PBR will NOT let you enter with Hacked Pokemon

Is there an action replay code for all battle zone bonuses for Pokemon pearl?

Sadly, no there are not.

When do you restore health in battle on the Action Replay for Pokemon platinum version?

stupid children!

What is the Pokemon emerald action replay code for 999 battle points?

help? help?

Is there a code to use items in the battle tower for action replay on Pokemon diamond?


What is the action replay code for one hit kill in battle on Pokemon White 2?


Is there an action replay code to re battle gym leaders in Pokemon black 2?

no there is not

How do you get Deoxys on Pokemon battle revolution?

You can only unlock it by transfering a deoxys from a Pokemon DS or DSI game.

What is the Action Replay code for unbanning Pokemon in The battle tower in Pokemon Pearl?


How do you get shiny Pokemon on Pokemon pearl with action replay?

There is a code for Action Replay for shiny Pokemon with pokeradar. 1205E472 00002001 1st Find a patch of grass,use pokeradar,battle a Pokemon, then go to a shiny moving patch of grass.