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I too have an Epson photo printer. If it gives you a message to service and you go online and that has failed, have you called their 1-800 number? If not then try that. Also, they should have a website you can go to and find help and maybe even a phone # so you can talk to a real person and not a recording. One more thing, if you live near Best Buy, they have what they call a "Geek Squad" and they can come out to your home and fix your printer for you.

2006-08-12 03:28:39
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How do you access printer properties in Windows XP?

Start->Printer and Faxes->Right click on the required printer->Properties. Or Start->Control Panel->Printer and Faxes->Right click on the required printer->Properties.

What causes a MP280 series Canon printer to say printer not responding?

Nothing. If the printer said printer not responding, it would be responding.

Why do you need a Game Boy printer for Pokemon Yellow?

No the printer is not required for Pokemon yellow.

How do you get a CD so that you can install your printer to your computer?

It depends on which printer. Printer drivers should come with the printer. Another option is to look on the Internet under the company which made the printer. Often the required software can be downloaded free.

What type of maintenance required for printer?

Most printers have a tools area as part of their program. Go into your printer on your computer and look for the menu item to troubleshoot the printer.

What do you do if your printer comes up with an error message?

It is best to do what the error message suggests. If there is no suggestion in the error message, look in your user's manual for error messages and suggested actions.

What type of training is required in using a printer?

none whatsoever....

You have windows xp you are trying to install a printer but printer spoolers are not working and they will not start you get a message saying that files may have been deleted Can this be fixed?

If you have the CD that came with the printer, reinstall it. If not, got to the website of the printer manufacture and download the installation program.

What two windows xp components are used to share resources on a network and access those share resources?

To share and installed printer using XP,File and printer sharing must be installed and to use a shared printer on a remote PC, client for Microsoft Networks must be installed.

My Printer is displaying a message saying Printer carrier stall but the is no paper jamed and I have switched it on and off several time but it still displays the same message It is a Lexmark X7550?

Here's an article in the Lexmark website on Printer Cartridge Stalls or Is Blocked. Just click on this link: Hope this helps.

What is the purpose of Photo printer?

They do nothing, they are just fun to look at.

What is the impact printer and also names its differt types?


What are three advantages and disadvantages about the bubblejet printer?

Irs nothing

What is the difference between personal and shared laser printer?


What is wrong with my EPSON printer CX3900 I got this message Parts inside your printer are at the end of their service life?

basically it means that the bits inside your printer are old and cannot function anymore. you can either get a new printer or get new parts for it which may cost more.

What setting on the printer tells a technician when routine maintenance needs to be performed?

A printer usually has an error button that lights up or a message that gives a technician an idea of the problem. They are then able to work on the printer to restore it to working.

Dealer of zebra printer in India?

we required distributors for Zebra ,india

What type of output does a printer send out?


How do you link iPad to wireless printer?

You will need a printer that supports Apple's AirPrint feature. The iPad and the printer must be connected on the same wireless network. There is no other settings required. Simply press the print icon on the iPad and it will find the printer.

Your Printer is displaying a message saying Printer carrier stall but the is no paper jamed and you have switched it on and off several time but it still displays the same message It is a Lexmark X755?

Are you referring to the Lexmark X7550 model? Here's an article in the Lexmark website on Printer Cartridge Stalls or Is Blocked. Click on this link: Hope this helps.

What if your printer is working and has ink and feeds the paper through but nothing is printed on it?

Ummm......check the printer or call your local Staples/Office Depot~customer serviceOr if your printer has a screen, fiddle with that for a bit.

What company manufactures the 5200TN laserjet printer?

The company that produces the 5200TN laserjet printer is HP otherwise known as Hewlett Packard. It is a well thought of printer that does the work required and is not too expensive to maintain.

How often should I replace my dell printer ink cartridges?

You will know when your dell printer ink cartridges will need to be replaced. When you are low on printer ink, you will either receive an error message or will see a low ink warning. It should not be emptied otherwise.

What are the workings of chain wheel printer?

The printing mechanism of a chain wheel printer is a rotating spoke wheel which features characters embossed on its circumference. Printer hammers striker the paper against the required character as the wheel rotates.

When does one know the printer needs new cartridges?

One of two things will happen when a printer needs a new cartridge. Either an ink message will display on the printer's LCD screen, or they'll be a warning displayed on the computer monitor of which the printer is hooked up to.