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It's better!

The S-video connection is not overrated. It's better than the coax connection and is better than the Yellow-Red-White RCA interface, so if that's what you're using now, you will see an improvement. The S-connector is enough of an improvement that you can see the difference if you have a very good picture on the screen to start with.

2011-08-15 00:47:22
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What is significant about the DIRECTV HD service?

The most significant thing about Direct TV HD service is the quality of the picture. The colors are more in depth, the picture is clearer and less grainy.

Does HDMI improve picture quality?


How is the picture and speaker quality of the tv Is it true the glare is reduced in this tv?

Reviews on this product show that the picture quality is exactly as described and sound quality is even better!

How do you improve picture quality?

Clean your lens with contact solution

Which flat screen TV brand has the best quality of picture?

Sony currently has the best quality picture among flat screen televisions.

What channel do you put your tv on to view directv?

DirecTV is not a channel you can just tune in too. The company rents you a dish and the converter needed to access their service. Order HD service even if you don't have a HD set, on a good standard def. set, you can see the better picture quality.

Is the picture quality of a Laser TV better than normal HDTV?

A normal HDTV has better picture quality than a Laser TV. A laser TV basically looks like projector, whereas the normal HDTV has HD quality picture screen for your taste.

Is there a projector that has the same picture quality that a 60 inch samsung led tv has?

There is no projector that has the same picture quality like that a 60 inch Samsung led TV.

Is the picture on Samsung plasma TV better then Sony plasma TV?

It really depends on the tv. Look at them in the stores and compare the picture quality. Sony happens to be a very good brand when it comes to picture quality. It depends on the specs though.

Will this be theater quality picture?

This model Toshiba television will have theater quality picture due to it's 720 pixel LCD screen. Toshiba is known for it's picture quality, as well.

What are the main benefit's of the TV related to the picture quality?


Can you use a PS3 on a SD-TV?

Yes, although the picture quality will not be as good.

What exactly is hd dvr directv and can I get it in my area?

HD DVR directv is a service provided by the cable provider, directv that offers the ability to record HD quality TV. If you are in the American, Latin American or Anglophone Caribbean area then you will likely have access to this service.

How can one improve the video quality on their television?

On modern day televisions, there often are a lot of ways to improve video quality. They often contain software that gives the viewer the ability to change how the image is processed. This can result in a video quality improvement.

What is the difference between 720p and 1080p 36 inch televisions?

The difference between 720 and 1080 is the resolution, or "quality" of the picture. A 1080p television has 360 more rows of pixels (the little dots that make up a TV picture) than a 720p television, which means it has a better quality picture.

What is best picture quality big screen tv?

The best, and highest, HDTV quality is 1080p

Does hdtvs stand for HD Televisions?

HDTV stands for high definition television, which means that the quality of the picture coming from the television is of better quality than a regular standard television.

How is the picture quality of the audiovox lcd hdtv?

Consumer reviews seem to say that Audiovox LCD HDTVs have good picture quality. They do not sport the best picture quality and the TV appears to be susceptible to ghosting, which is a distortion of the picture due to overlapping images.

What makes a tv an HD tv?

HD stand for High Definition which improves picture quality.

How do you improve sound quality of laptop?

you can improve the sound by plugging your laptop into your tv or its speakers hope this info helped :)

Does a bi-directional cable splitter improve signal quality to a tv?

Cable splitters, joiners, adapters and similar products will never improve signal quality.

What are the benefits of big screen TVs?

There are many benefits in having a big screen TV. One of the benefits is the amazing picture quality that is displayed. Older TVs do not have great picture quality. Another benefit is that a big screen TV provides a wider viewing angle than a smaller TV.

What is the maximum resolution of a plasma TV?

It's 720p although plasma TVs have better picture quality.

What brand is this tV?

This TV is a Vizvio Plasma DTV, this TV is pretty good based on reviews as an excellent bedroom TV, however there are some reviews that mentioned that the TV is lower in quality when it comes to picture quality.

What brand of LED television has the best picture?

Both Sony and Samsung have the best LED tv with excellent picture quality. If you looing for a more affordable option with a good picture quality, then Samsung is a better option than the more expensive Sony brand.